Living in Belgrade

Belgrade, as every capital city, is the very center of trendy life in Serbia. If you want to stay up to date at all times and in areas such as nightlife, fashion and other trends, Belgrade is the place to be. This city has undergone a big transformation in the last twenty years or so, mainly due to historical events in the 90s in Serbia, that led to its change both in terms of architecture and population. Many old buildings were destroyed during the NATO bombing in 1999, and as a result, many new modern buildings have replaced them. Also, a lot of people moved to the capital in search for jobs and education, making Belgrade a real metropolis.

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Living in Belgrade is, for many people, a matter of pride. Those who have lived in this beautiful city for generations like to boast about this fact, but those who have moved here recently haven’t had trouble adapting. Belgrade energy is addictive, which is why it fascinates everyone who gives it a chance. No matter where you are coming from, people of Belgrade will make you feel welcome.
It’s true, Belgrade is not the most sophisticated city there is. It might not be as trendy and fashionable as Paris and London, and it doesn’t have the medieval charm of Prague. However, what Belgrade offers to its visitors and residents is a different mix of history, culture, and energy. It has a certain raw charm that is not obvious from the word go, but that will slowly and unmistakably get under your skin and make you fall in love with the city.
Living in Belgrade: the ups and downs
Living in Belgrade definitely has its up-sides as well as some not-so-great sides. Among the advantages, nightlife is what first comes to mind. If you are looking for a place to have great fun and spend the whole night partying – Belgrade is the place to see. There are clubs that suit everyone’s taste, playing all sorts of music – from traditional narodnjaci (usually live music) to electronic. The best part of the year for party-goers is the summer. That is when all the open-air rafts welcome their guests on the banks of the Danube and the Sava rivers.
Another great thing in this city is the food

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Serbian people love their food, and prepare it with great care. There is a big number of amazing fast food places, as well as great restaurants that serve food from all over the world. Serbian food is the perfect choice for meat lovers, as almost every traditional dish includes some kind of meat. The desserts are strongly influenced by the Turkish cuisine, famous for its hedonistic appeal.
People who come to visit this city or who live here can enjoy a number of parks and other green spaces around Belgrade. During the summer, Ada Ciganlija is the place to go if you want to lie on the beach, relax, sunbathe, or just enjoy a cup of coffee in fresh air. Košutnjak is also very popular with the nature lovers. It is a recreational park/forest ideal for cycling, jogging, or hiking.
Among the not-so-great sides, unfortunately, is the public transportation system. Belgrade still doesn’t have the underground network, so it relies on the busses, trolleys, and trams. These do run quite regularly during the day. However, their main disadvantage is unavailability during the nighttime. If you are coming home from a night out, it is recommended to take a taxi.
Living in Belgrade: must see places
Belgrade is one of those places which make you get rid of all the maps, guides and GPS coordinates. If you want to see what’s really worth seeing, shut down the navigation system and follow your gut. It will lead you through its meandering streets perfectly, and even if for a moment you seem out of the way – relax, and enjoy the new places that surround you.

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Among the must-see places is the Belgrade fortress, which is difficult to miss, as it is a huge sight just off the main pedestrian area. Also not to be missed is the newly restored neighborhood of Savamala, located in the vicinity of the Fortress. This neighborhood is worth seeing both during the day and in the evening, as it is full of great clubs, pubs, galleries, art spaces, and trendy restaurants.