Make your Valentine’s Day special

Make your Valentine’s Day special

First and only R’n’B club in Belgrade, the Bank, is throwing huge party on Tuesday. Make your Valentine’s Day special with DJ Architect and best mixes of this type of music! Bring your special one after romantic dinner and start to party like never before. And on other hand, if you are single, maybe something special can happened on this special night. 🙂 

Surprise your better half with unconventional gift like this, and have a great night together in one of the best clubs in Belgrade. Make your reservation on time!

In The Bank you will find yourself surrounded with 15 vip tables, 20 bar tables and space to get a drink next to the long bar.

Make your Valentine’s Day special

This first R’n’B club in Belgrade is already one of the top clubs

Venue looks really good, architecture solution is breathtaking 

Club is always crowded, make your reservation on time.

Location : Beton hall, Karadjordjeva 2-4 street.


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