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Belgrade Girls are famous around the world for its beauty. Beside physical natural appearance they are famous for Cosmetic Surgeries, Dress to Impress and Makeup. Huge need for a makeup made some of amazing Makeup Artists in Belgrade.


How to look instantly beautiful?


Makeup Artists are known as Wizards of a modern age. Skills of some are going to the next level. It came to that point that you might not recognise a same girl that you have meet on a party and during a day a Coffee Shops. Especially if you are drinking a bit. So watch out out there. The fastest way to fix your appearance is to get makeup. How to know the limits? Some girls around the world are going into extreme. They us so much make up that colour of their skin is absolutely different than colour of their face. A Study shown that most of the guy’s dislike that. That’s why is important to hire a specialist. How to find one in Belgrade? Check at the top of our page. We listed Makeup Artists recommendations.



Makeup Artists in Belgrade

Find the right Makeup Artists in Belgrade!



Why the all girls in Belgrade use Makeup?


It is quite interesting fact indeed. Belgrade Girls do use Makeup massively. Not only girls but Women in general all age groups. Over day and in evenings equally. You might see the same person in the night and then on the day time at the pool you might not recognise her. How did it happen? We seriously do not know. Just pay an attention while cruising trough Belgrade. Its a phenomenon.


Top 5 Reasons to HIRE a Makeup Artist



  • Having a date but you got a Skin Rush or Redness. No worries


  • Long time Infront of a Computer. Didn’t sleep enough. Tired eyes


  • Wedding Day is one of the most important days in Girls Life


  • Birthday and Celebrations


  • Important meeting that has to leave a good impression



Notice: You can still look natural with a makeup. Its important to use right products, right amount and to input correctly.



Makeup Art

Makeup Art. Before and After.



The 5 Ultimate Makeup Tricks that you have to know!


  • Moisturise your face. Only then you are going to be able to do Successful makeup


  • Eye Makeup is done before Face Makeup


  • To make an Accent on Eyes use neutral Shadows. Warm Tones for Dark Eyes, Cool Tones for Light Eyes. This strategy always works.


  • Glow and Brightness instead of Coverage



  • Lip liner has to match your natural lip tone. Choose a creamy lipstick. Don’t go for a gloss one.



What keeps your face looking young?


Protect your face from a sun. Do not use tanning beds. Don’t smoke and drink. Sleep well. Moisturise your skin quite often. Use proper good reviewed Anti Ageing Creams. Quality food based on fruits and veggies. Regular work out and Face Yoga exercises. Establish a good routine and you will thank yourself later.


Is Makeup considered as Skincare?


Daily use of a good skincare products might reduce the amount of makeup you’ll need. Acne, Scars, blemishes, acne scars, uneven skin ton and dark under eyes. Nowadays makeup products have progress from a thick pigment formulas to those with ingredients that are good for your skin.

Prepare Skin before Makeup

Skin has to be dry. Dirt and Oil has to be gone before Makeup comes. SO, start with clean dry skin. Using  gently rub into your skin to remove any impurities. Next will be Exfoliate. Exfoliating might help reduce dry patches that can lead to an bumpy complexion. Toner is next step. Put a small amount onto a cotton and gently swipe the product. Moisturising is next pre makeup step. Then the Primer comes. Choose the one that will manage to achieve your desired look. Choose a tone of a lipstick. Congratulations you are all ready to go!

 When you date a Girl

When you meet a girl in the Nightlife you will check her out tipsy with a tons of Make Up. This tip doesn’t stand up only for Belgrade but World Wide. Girl might look extremely pretty during a night out but when you see that same girl at the Pool during the day you might be surprised. Make Up Art is more than a Skin Care. Make Up can transform look of a person absolutely and extremely. It can be considered as Magic. Our tip would be to pay attention on that one.