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People around the Globe consider Eastern European Girls the most beautiful ones. Those who have been traveling the East and have visited Belgrade they know very well about Belgrade Beauty. You can sit down during a day at Knez Mihailova street at the Belgrade downtown. Order a cappuccino and enjoy your day. What you will notice is huge amount of beautiful girls just passing by. Going to University, School or to Work. One thing is for sure. Girls in Belgrade look amazing. Beside most of them have a good style they take care of their physical appearance. Manicure and Pedicure are just one of the things from the list. Hair Saloons, Cosmetic Salons, Fitness and even Cosmetic Surgeries . Girls just take their look very seriously.


What is actually Manicure and Pedicure?


For those who never been visiting Manicure and Pedicure here is an explanation.

A manicure takes care of a person hands and a pedicure refers to the care of a person feet. This includes, nail care, skincare and artificial nails. Nails can be customised to a variety of preferences.



Manicure in Belgrade

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Before you book an Appointment. Important!


Before you go to get your Nails done make sure into these 4 things: Shape, Colour, Length and Art. How to find the right style that will match your personality? On Pinterest is where you are going to find the answers. There are Tons of different styles and shapes. Be Aware that shape and length need to match your Lifestyle. To be precise it has to match your Work and Fitness lifestyle. If your job is to sit over lap top you might going to have issues with long nails. Same thing if you do Boxing or Cross Fit. You will brake them easily.


Feel better after get your Manicure and Pedicure Done!


Self-Care, Confidence, Expression, Relaxation are some of the most important Mental benefits after the job is done. Looking good is part of feeling good. Getting Nails done will boost your Confidence.


How often should you visit a Manicure?


Belgrade Manicures recommend to make a brake 2-3 weeks in between sessions. If you are doing long and demanding nails then it could be better to visit Manicure Salon once a week. Proper Manicure should last around 2 weeks.



Nail Salons in Belgrade

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Biting your Nails? Fake Nails might be a Solution!


Biting your nails is closely related to anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. More or Less 20 to 30% of adults are suffering from it. A study show that up to 60% of teens are suffering from the disorder. Fake Nails are the solution! Fake Nails act as a shield while your real nails grow and strengthen underneath. For those with a habit of constantly biting nails, fake nails may offer a way to avoid and even break the practice entirely.



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