Massage in Belgrade

Choose to relax your body and mind while in Belgrade. After a big night out or a hard day at work Massage is the right answer. Doing  Gym or doing Yoga might help but without massage treatment at least once a week you will not feel the full satisfaction. The next level of relaxation will bring you only a professional massage. Massage in Belgrade? Most of the Belgrade massage shops are located in down town walking distance from Hotels and popular Belgrade attractions.


Book you massage in advance


What to expect from Massage in Belgrade? Most of the places hire professional staff and Sport University educated personnel. If you are to lazy to move around Belgrade you can get massage at your home. You have to book massage in advance especially on the weekends. If u are siting to much, working over your lap top, and not having at least 2 hours of daily activity, then you have to get your self treatment with Belgrade massage. Massage will help you to relax, will bust your emotional and physical well being. Book your massage treatment on time with some of the most popular Massage Places in Belgrade.


Notice: Check on the TOP of our page for our recommendations.


Massage in Belgrade

Choose to relax your body and mind while in Belgrade. Boost your energy and balance you mind.



Benefits from a Massage

When it comes to the massage, there are plenty of benefits for your body and soul. Here are the facts:


  • Reduces soured muscles


  • Reduces stress level (perfect to prevent depression and anxiety)


  • improves sleep


  • it counteracts all that sitting you do, relieves headaches and boosts immunity


  • Increasing relaxation


  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure


  • Improving immune function


Risk of Massage


There are alot of benefit of taking a massage. But you have to be carful. If you are diagnosed with at least one of those things please dont go for a massage treatment:


  • Bleeding disorders


  • Burns and wounds that haven’t healed yet


  • Deep vein thrombosis


  • Infections


  • Broken bones (fractures)


  • Severe osteoporosis


  • A very low platelet count (severe thrombocytopenia)


Notice: Combine Massage few times a month with doing Yin Yoga in Popular Belgrade Yoga Studios. What is better than the party weekend in Belgrade? After a good night out getting an amazing massage? Are you exhausted from a trip to Belgrade?Massage is a perfect choice to kick off. There are many great salons for the Massage in Belgrade. Here are the some of the good ones:

How much is a massage in Belgrade Serbia?


Good massage can be a powerful tool to reshape and restore how your body feels and functions and make better experience after time spent in a plane, bus or a car before arriving to Belgrade. It can also help a lot after crazy night spent in some of many Belgrade’s clubs. Prices are in range from 10 – 50 Euros depending on how long massage lasts or which treatment you choose.


Massage in Belgrade Serbia

Choose one of the best places for relaxation. Book your Massage in Belgrade.



Massage Types and Studios


There are around 40 Massage studios in Belgrade. Some of them are Good and some are Excellent. What makes a difference is a location, staff, professional approach, studio and costumer service. If you are looking for the best place in Belgrade check at the top of our page. Here are some info about Belgrade Studios that you might need:


Relax Belgrade is massage studio located in the city center near Nikola Tesla museum. They have a team of 15 massage professionals physiotherapists, doctors and masseurs. This crew has been working for a while already. They are highly professional. The whole staff is well educated. Most of them speak English pretty good. Some of them speak some other language as well. But, who care when you will enjoy in silence. Mission of their studio is to improve your overall health and well being by making massages an affordable part of your lifestyle during your time spent in Belgrade.

Treatments that you can get there are:
– CLASSIC – Relax, Couple, Anti Stress, Sport and Therapeutic
– EXCLUSIVE – Dream, Thai, Lomi Lomi Nui, and Royal
– INNOVATIVE – Anti jet lag, Soul, Touch and Fantasy
For every treatment are used massage oils, creams and essential oils of the highest quality.
Believing in MASSAGE FOR ALL (orientations, genders, skin colors, body types) Relax Belgrade invites everyone seeking relaxation,joy or pain-relief to experience their vision.
SPECIAL OFFER! Studio Relax Belgrade provides FREE transfer to their studio in period from 9.00 till 17.00 every day.
Working hours are from 10.00 till 22.00 every day (studio) and from 9.00 till 23.00 (onsite service).
If you’re coming by car finding parking is relatively easy because the street where studio is, is in yellow parking zone (sms paying system – send your plates registration on number 9112).
Relax Belgrade’s vision is to be like a family of dedicated specialists aimed to provide well-being of the people (guests of the city of Belgrade).
They serve to your feeling of joy and relaxation by investing love and positive energy into every massage treatment they do.
Relax Belgrade – place you must visit while you’re staying in Belgrade.


Excellence Massage

This place offer professional massage in Belgrade. Their particular attention is focused on foreign guests and business people. In official information brochure, and tourist map of Belgrade this massage salon is clearly marked as the place. Excellence Massage provides services of professional massage and relaxation, facial beauty treatment and body care.  They also have so called fish treatment, garra rufa – fish spa. At this place professional masseuses, masseurs and physiotherapists provide treatments.



This massage salon has more than 10 types of the massages. Among the most popular ones is the Royal Massage. Two highly trained, experienced therapist’s work together and synchronised to make you feel top-notch. With four hands on your body, you will feel like you are at another planet. Royal massage will be concentrated in areas that require more attention, rather than a standard routine that is identical for all clients. Another popular massage style at this place is: Hot Stone Massage. Vulcan stones, which are heated, are used in this massage. Certified therapists can only do hot stones massage in Belgrade.  This massage helps to relax muscles and soft tissues, reduce pain, and improve circulation. Hot stone massage is pleasing to your body and represents an extraordinary experience. Bamboo Massage: an innovative way to apply relaxation massage or therapeutic massage using hot bamboo. A specially prepared hot bamboo stand is used for crossing the skin, creating an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. Massage with bamboo sticks is a powerful preventive therapy against stress created by modern lifestyle.

If you want to stay healthy and in shape, check the best gyms in Belgrade.


Moj Relax Kutak

Skilled hands of experienced therapists will take you to another dimension, your body will be thankful; your mind will be serene and relieved. Moj Relax Kutak is a modern and fully equipped studio for a professional massage. Located in the heart of Belgrade, in Dorcol area represents an oasis of peace and relaxation for all their clients. They have several massage treatments, and the most popular are: Moroccan Dream – this treatment begins with pealing treatment using sea salt and argan oil so your skin gets rid of dead surface cells and refreshes the body. Deep Tissue Massage – type of a massage for those who like stronger pressure and more powerful massage grips. They use eucalyptus oil for reducing pain and pressure. The most important thing is to hydrate a lot after the treatment. Lomi Lomi – This type of the massage is very popular around the world. This massage uses a coconut massage cream that hydrates and nourishes the skin and makes it elastic and smooth. Very specific technique, alternately mild and strong massages movements with the use of upper arms. This technique relaxes the body, stimulates concentration and balances the entire body.


Olimas massage therapists are specialised physical therapists whose skills show excellent results and satisfied clients. Olimas salon is equipped with the highly professional equipment. Complete enjoyment with relaxing music contributes to the pleasant sounds and scents of aromatic candles. The international jury for the best massage salon in Belgrade and Serbia has selected this salon as the one. Their motto is: tightening of the muscles is a reaction of distress and their relaxation is a way to make peace with what is happening in our lives. The body has captured an entire lifetime of experiences and feelings – birth, childhood, pleasure and pain, shock, frustration, fear, sadness, joy … Massage is an excellent tool that helps us to become aware of what is happening deep within us.


Reduce your stress level treat your self with a good massage. After long flight kicking off in Belgrade with a good relax massage is what will bring you smile back on your face. If you get hungry after a massage, try out some of the best restaurants in Belgrade. Notice: If you have any health issues with your back or other parts of your body. Make sure to let your therapist before the treatment. Enjoy massage and your stay in the Belgrade.