Mikser Festival 2015 – ITCH

This year’s is seventh Mikser Festival, and it will be held at Savamala for the forth time, from 3rd until 7th of June.

Under the tagline “ITCH”, it will try to touch on the unbearable moment where something “itching”, annoying and even unbearable turns into source of inspiration and explodes in a creative reaction of progressive minds.

najava za festival

All the pressures, however limiting, at a certain point give enough direction to spirits and minds of creative people, to turn this force into innovative energy of solutions. In the environment that limits us and is oblivious to are needs and wants, one often succumbs to inaction and lethargic feeling; but this is an exact moment when greatest creative minds must burst alive and reach a breaking point that turns this energy from a negative feeling of constant exposure to impossibilities into something valuable, creative and sustainable, that cannot be stopped by any kind of oppression.

The pressured environment is the most fertile ground for immensely creative solutions, and we are aiming to search for just that. We, right here, right now and together, must be catalysts of change that we desire in our surrounding.

Music program of the festival will be started by Ana Popović, famous blouse musician. In addiction to her, you can expect the performances of talented bands and individuals, such as band Goblini, famous Split hip-hoppers TBF and many others.

You will definitely have the greatest time at this Festival, where everything is about spreading positive energy, having amazing time with your friends and listening to music that’s unique, brilliant and worth everyone’s attention.