Monday’s finest- Hot Mess club

Monday’s finest- Hot Mess club

We all love weekends, because we have time for our friends and family. Also, the best parties are on Friday and Saturday… Not exactly the true. Belgrade nightlife never stops, doesn’t matter if today is Monday! For us it’s another day for one of the best parties!!! Don’t mess around, be tonight at Hot Mess-one of the finest Belgrade clubs.

Let the best R’n’B tracks take over control of your body – DJ Moooka is here to make that happened!  Awesome venue have much more to offer – in the center of the party is  pool, if you feel like it, jump in  and cool yourself!!!

We also have a suggestions what to do before hot party at hot mess- check our list of unusual Belgrade activities– maybe you will find something that you weren’t experience before. 🙂


Monday at Hot Mess

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