Moving Companies in Belgrade Serbia | Cargo Transport

There are around 100 Moving Companies in Belgrade. Some of them are capable to do professional International Moving. Some operate only locally. Its important that your goods are placed at High-End facilities. That they have been stored at the right place. Safe and secure. With experts transportation can be done smoothly. Follow our advice and save yourself a headache. Follow these steps and do everything right.


  • Ask your friends for a Recommendation


  • Call few companies and compare


  • Once you pick do a background check


  • Check does a Moving Company has a licence


  • Make a list what you want to move. When an Estimator arrive show them everything.


  • Sign a contract


  • Make photos and Video of all your belongings



From Home to Home


Good Moving Companies offers quality boxes. Packing bubble wraps and tapes. They will deliver it to your address. We recommend that you do packing yourself. Make photos and videos of everything. In case you forget and loose something its better to have everything on your phone. You can hire a moving company to do it for you though. Its kinda easier but again. We think its better that u spend some time doing yourself with your homies. Once you done packing make a call. Good Serbian Movers will pick up and deliver to your home address. From Home to Home.


Moving Companies in Belgrade Serbia

Choose the right moving Company!



How Much Moving Cost in Belgrade Serbia


Price depends from a few things. Distance, Location, Parking, Elevator, Floor, Size and how heavy your goods are. Only around Belgrade will cost you from 100-500 euros. From Belgrade to another city in Serbia from 500 – 1000 euros.


How Much International Moving costs in Serbia


Statistic say that around 30,000 people leave Serbia every year. Most of them require to move some or all of their belongings. How much will this cost? Its impossible to calculate an exact price. If you are moving out to Canada will be different price then if you moving to Austria. Price would be different if you move few boxes with a plane or half of a ton using a ship. The only way to find out the price is to write it all down. Once its clear what you are moving then contact a right company to get a quote.


Pet Shipping Costs in Belgrade Serbia


There are Dog & Cat import requirements. Some of moving Companies in Belgrade Serbia are dealing with Pet relocations. Its not as easy as it might seams. Your dog or a cat has to have a right document. Health Certificate and a passport. A pet passport is a legal document that provides crucial data.

Good to know: There are good Veterinary Clinics and Pet Shops in Belgrade.


 Ship to and From Serbia


This can be done easy if you are in a right hands. You could face numerous issues moving and storing your items. In 2019 there was a record in Cargo Crimes. Its important to use Expert moving Company even if it cost more than some shady ones. Before shipment make sure to place your goods in a right Storage. There are Indoor and Outdoor ones. You will have to be specific before you make a move. Ship to and from Serbia can be done from Home to Home. From door to door. Check at the top of our page for recommendations.


Cargo Belgrade Serbia

Ship to and from Serbia.



Cargo Companies in Serbia


Transport that is designed to move goods from location A to location B is called Cargo Transport. Cargo Logistic is a process checking in, tracking and delivering to a final destination. Another name for Cargo is Freight Forwarder. Basically, it represent a company that organize shipment of goods to a final location. There are quite a few Cargo Companies in Serbia. Check at the top of our page for recommendations.