Mr Stefan Braun Goes “SKY HIGH” On Thursday

Mr Stefan Braun goes “SKY HIGH” on Thursday¬†

Belgrade where every night is the weekend.

Belgrade a city full of life and soul.

A city that you can easily be swallowed into its night life never wanting to return home. Once you have spent a few days in this city you will quickly fall in love with it and it will always leave you with some great memories, but one thing is for sure you will always come back.

As you will always be back to party at Mr Stefan Braun, one of the top winter clubs in Belgrade, the ninth floor is where you want to be at this Thursday night. Thursday nights is the best RnB and Hip night of the week at Mr Stefan Braun. The club where you can find girls dancing on the bar, bar staff that mix amazing cocktails and an energy that can only be described by those who have been there.