New Years EVE 2023 In Belgrade

The 3 most common questions for the New Years EVE


Where to Go? What to Wear? How much does it COST?


So, Where to GO?


There are around 500 Events and Celebrations in Belgrade for the New Years EVE. Celebrations are divided into:


  • Open Air Public Celebrations
  • Celebrations at Venues / Clubs, Bars and Restaurants
  • Private Parties


Open Air Public celebrations are organised by city authorities at the Public Square every 31st Dec. Those are concerts with a live music. Bands are always local. Number of people attending is around 20,000. Pros and Cons.

Pros is FREE Entry. Cons are Not Enough Public Toilets, No bar to buy drinks, Local Serbian Music, Cold to stand outside for Hours.



New Years Eve in Belgrade

Every Year on the 31st December there is a PUBLIC EVENT in front of National Assembly of Serbia.



Celebration at Venues. There are around 500 celebrations all over the city. Clubs, Bars and Restaurants are doing their best to promote their venue. Obviously from this 500 celebrations there are only a few that we would recommend to you. We will tell you about Pros and Cons of only of the places that we recommend.


Pros are EPIC Parties, Good Music Choice, Stylish Crowd and Beautiful people. Pros are as well table space and good vibes. Place to leave your winter jacket. Likeminded people. We dont really see any Cons. You might not like these Venues because they are super crowded. Or you might actually going to like it. You will have to be at 10pm at the spot. For a good tables its required to book in advance.


Private Celebrations are mostly organised at houses trough out the city. If you like to be around 30-50 people at a house party then you could consider this as an option. We think that these celebrations sucks. Mostly bad organised and Boring. People leave just after 12 and places almost always ran out of drinks.



Do you need a GOOD located table in the BEST party ? Do you have any questions?

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So, What to Wear?


Belgrade is all about the style. To stand out on a good way follow the next. For man we suggest: White Shirt, Tuxedo and Formal Shoes. A great shirt with rolled up sleeves, all buttoned up paired with suit trousers or jeans looks very laid back and very sexy. Click here for more info: What to wear in Belgrade.


What to wear in Belgrade

What to wear in Belgrade for the New Years EVE? Dressing Idea for Mans.



How much does it cost to party in popular Belgrade Venues on 31st December?


There are two major differences between all year long parties at Clubs and those Parties for the New Years EVE. Bout of those differences are related to the price. Drink price list goes for approximately 10% up for the 31st Dec. Not at all places though. Belgrade Clubs do not charge Entry Fee during the year but on the 31st they DO. Very often that entry fee is connected with table spendings. To party with a style in Belgrade calculate that you will have to spend at least 100 euros per person.


How to get a best table in the best club? Get in touch with us trough Whats app

Can i pay with a Card? Sure

Can i invite people from a club to my table? Yes u can. No restrictions in Belgrade

How many people can fit for a table space? To sit around 3-4. To hang around from 6-10


Any other question? Whats app us: +38162337700 Belgrade at Night



Few Photos from New Years EVE Celebrations that we recommend!



Stylish, Awesome Music and good Party Vibes! Here are a few photos from the best Belgrade Clubs in the past few years.  


Bank Club

Dress Well & Book a good located table



Belgrade New Years Eve

When you order a bottle ask for a firework


New Years Eve in Belgrade

Only Good Vibes! New Years Eve in Belgrade!






Check out offers from the THE PAST 5 years




-Freestyler Winter Stage-



Notice: Years: 2018-2019-2020-2021


Freestyler is an ICON of the Belgrade Clubbing. Some guests even say that if you haven’t been there, you haven’t taste the famous Belgrade Nightlife. Freestyler Winter Stage is the younger brother of famous Freestyler summer club in Belgrade. They are popular for throwing remarkable parties, and famous by hosting some of the best DJs in the world.

Music: Commercial House & RnB



Official Freestyler Winter Stage Club offer for the New Years Eve:

  • Ultra VIP sofa table: 1.500 Euros / Including 2 bottles of premium drinks ( example Grey Goose, Chivas, etc…), 2 bottles of Premium champagne and 15 tickets.


  • VIP Sofa table: 1.000 Euros / Including 1 bottle of premium drink ( example Grey Goose, Chivas, etc…),  2 bottles of champagne and 15 tickets.


  • Sofa table: 500 Euros / Including 1 bottle of premium drink ( example Grey Goose, Chivas, etc…) and 8 tickets.


  • Bar standing table: 200 Euros / Including 1 bottle which is not premium drink ( example Absolut Vodka) and 5 tickets.


  • Tickets price for the bar: 15 Euros per person.







Notice: Years: 2019-2020-2021



Hype is one of the most popular club in town, and after successful opening, they rocked Belgrade nightlife pretty hard. First high class venue in town hosts amazing resident and world wide DJs. Hype Club has its own Summer version, Leto Club, that you probably already know of.

Music: House, Funky, Disco.



Official Hype club offer for the New Years Eve:

  • PLACE AT THE BAR EUR // Ticket 20 eur
  • BAR TABLE PACK Bar table / Smirnoff vodka, Johnnie Walker Red whiskey or Gin included /5 entry tickets included / 200€
  • PREMIUM BAR TABLE Premium central bar table/ 1 premium bottle or 1 btl. Champagne Moët & Chandon included /5 entry tickets included / 250€
  • SOFA TABLE Elevated seats – sofa table / 1 bottle Champagne Moët & Chandon included /6 entry tickets included / 300€
  • VIP SOFA TABLE VIP sofa table / 1 btl. Champagne Moët & Chandon included/10 entry tickets included / 500€
  • PREMIUM VIP PACK VIP Both / 1 premium bottle + 2 btl. Champagne Moët & Chandon included /10 entry tickets included /900€
  • ULTRA PREMIUM VIP BOOTH Premium VIP Booth / 2 premium bottles + 2 btl. Champagne Moët & Chandon included /15 entry tickets included / 1300€