Night life in Belgrade – where to go & what to see

Night life in Belgrade will never let you down – there are so many places offering a wide variety of options in terms of atmosphere, music and the people, that you will simply be amazed. If you are coming to this fantastic city for the first time – get ready to party! If you have already visited Belgrade, then you know what to expect; still, there is something new to see and explore every time and night life in Belgrade is a little richer every day. This is the city that likes to play a good host to its guests, and a great night life scene is definitely an important part of it!

Summer vs. winter clubs in Belgrade

Night life in Belgrade differs depending on the season. If you come here in the winter, you will find amazing clubs that work mostly on weekends. They are, of course, indoor clubs, and they are open only during the summer months. One of the most popular Belgrade night clubs during winter months is definitely the Dragstor Play club. This one is located inside a summer club, called Play. Beton Club is also one of the new additions to the Belgrade night life scene, and it is located in the Savamala quarter.

Summer clubs are mostly open-air clubs located at one of the rivers: Sava and Danube. These club boats operate during the summer months, and some of them even host parties every night, with famous DJ’s or live music, VERY attractive guys and girls, lots of drinks and dancing. Some of the most popular Belgrade summer clubs are River, Sound, Povetarac, and Lasta.

Great night life every day of the week

Many clubs operate only on the weekends, but even during the week you will find those that organize theme parties either with local or foreign DJ’s, or live (usually traditional Serbian) music. On Mondays, club River organizes Friends Night, a popular theme party that goes on all summer. On Tuesdays, you can choose between the 90s music at the Freestyler club, or enjoy traditional Serbian music at the Blaywatch club. Both of these clubs are very popular and parties there are famous as some of the best in all of Belgrade. You won’t go wrong with either one.

On Wednesdays head to Shake ’n’ Shake for R’n’B music. During the day, this club is great to lay back and relax while you sip cocktails, but in the evening the atmosphere starts to heat up and this becomes one of the most popular places in Belgrade. On Thursdays, almost all clubs are open and your weekend can start! Friday and Saturday are the craziest nights of the week, and this is when you can get to know the night life in Belgrade in its full glory.

Night life for everyone’s taste

Night life in Belgrade is one of the best aspects of this great city. This is mostly because it offers something for everyone. No matter what your taste in music is, you will find a club or a bar that offers exactly what you are looking for. Even if night clubs are not your cup of tea, you will find pleasant cafes that are open well into the night hours, where you can just sit down for a drink and hang out with the crowd. People in Belgrade (and in the rest of Serbia as well!) are known to be great hosts. They will be more than happy to show you the town, to give directions or to recommend a night club.

You will find clubs that play all kinds of music: from traditional, live Serbian music, to electro, house, R’n’B and rock music. Even if you don’t listen to some of these, you should give them a chance, because the atmosphere at the clubs will make you feel great, and this is something that every tourist in Belgrade should experience! Traditional Serbian music goes hand in hand with traditional Serbian cuisine, so be sure to visit one of the traditional kafanas to eat and drink like a local, while listening to the sounds of Serbian music.

How to relax from Belgrade night life?

After a long night at the clubs, you will need a recovery. Head to one of the cafes in the city center to relax and watch people strolling down the busy streets while you sip your (Serbian, preferably) coffee. If you would rather be somewhere in nature, your choice should be Ada Ciganlija and one of the beach bars where you can spend the whole day relaxing in the fresh air.