The Nineties are going to rock tonight!

The Nineties are going to rock tonight!

Call your gang, because tonight is the night! Reserve your spots at club Square on time ’cause The Nineties are going to rock tonight! This venue already established the rang – even it’s one of the newest clubs in Belgrade, it’s already one of the best ones! 

The night of the nineties is already a trend, and all trendsetters are going to be there tonight. We are not going to miss the opportunity to dance the night off with some greatest hits of all time, and what about you?

Located at Studentski trg 15 street, in the center of the Belgrade – works from  23:30 am till 05 am. Reservations are requested, and they are valid till midnight.  

The Nineties are going to rock tonight!

Every thursday at club Square you can enjoy the beats of the nineties with our resident DJ Alex Tic who is the best in business when comes to this era

Every working night has different type of music

You can order your favorite beverage and star to enjoy!

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