Non smoking bars in Belgrade

Serbia is a Smoking Nation sadly. Believe or not every other person is a full time smoker. Our Country is among the Top 5 smoking nations in the entire world. If you are not a smoker you might find it weird that people are smoking inside Venues. Non smoking bars in Belgrade are outnumbered by smoking friendly ones. Still there are few places out there where smoking is forbidden.


Przionica Dorcol

Epic little cafe with a tasty coffee. Kinda off the track but worth the extra few minutes walk if you’re looking for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. People are hanging outside over spring and summer mornings. This place is a home of a Mainstream Hipsters. Check them out on IG.




Apropo is highly recommended not only because they have forbidden smoking. This place is such a cute little bookstore. Tea cafe place. Beside humans this place has adorable cats residence. Huge variety of delicious teas are in offer. Exceptional place where you might feel as the time has stoped. Check them out.


Moritz Eis Belgrade

Non Smoking place with variety of Ice Cream flavours and the marvellous service. Staff will let you taste each Ice Cream Flavour before you choose. Dark chocolate with blackberry spatula is our tip. This place is among the best ice cream shops in Belgrade.



Fit Bar

Name says it all. Home of a healthy food. Obviously non smoking place. Keto friendly with good prices. Bunch of healthy food options for vegetarians and vegans. On of our favourite places in Belgrade.


Red Bread

Red Bread serve the most delicious breakfast in Belgrade. Famous for its goat cheese with spinach quesadillas. Very friendly owner is there every morning to welcomes you. Non smoking place with tasty selection of food choices and cakes. Highly recommend.


Non smoking bars in Belgrade

Dislike places where people smoke? Check Downtown located Red Bread. Among Non smoking bars in Belgrade that serve the best Breakfast in Town.






Smokvica is wonderful place in every meaning of that word. Interior is astonishing. Outside in the garden there are blankets with heaters for colder days. The food is pretty good. This place is Non smoking and dog friendly. Very much visited by foreigners and Expats. Check them out.



See the full list


See the full list of non smoking bars. As well check the list of smoking bars that offer areas inside and outside that are for non smokers.  You will notice dots. Blue Dots are showing places that absolutely forbidden smoking. Yellow dots are those places that offer areas for non smokers. Its all on a local language so get a Google translate or a local buddy to help you out. For the map click here.



Good to know


Summer gardens are open from may till beginning of September. On those months you will enjoy outside war weather. Most of the venues trough out the city are offering open air places for hang. Those places are named Basta on a local language. Same with a clubs. Open Air nightclubs are places where smoking is absolute accepted. You will not feel the smoke at all since its open airy space. From October till May evens are held indoor. So if you are looking for a non smoking bars in Belgrade then follow advices from this article. If you are looking for a Nightclub in Belgrade where smoking is forbidden then you will failed. All Clubs in Belgrade are smoking friendly. Both Indoor and Outdoor.