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Having your parents located in Serbia Retainment Home proved to be a good choice for many families. Some of a Retirement homes provide the highest standards of care. Some even manage to get among the best in the EU. How to choose the right place? We have Highlighted the best Nursing Elderly Care Homes that you should definitely take a look on.


Difference Between Care Homes and Nursing Homes


You might wonder what is the difference between a Care Homes and a Nursing Homes. Nursing Homes are required to have a qualified nurse 0/24 to provide a proper medical care.

Care Homes or Residential Care Homes are places where Seniors stay without medical assistance. Depending on your family situation you would have to choose one or another. Choose the best place for your parents. Choose only among the trustworthy Nursing Elderly Care Homes in Belgrade.


Nursing Elderly Care Homes

Nursing Elderly Care Homes in Belgrade Serbia | A place for MOM



What is good about Nursing Homes?


Placing your family member at a Nursing Home is not an easy decision. Most of a Seniors are refusing to move away from their residences. Juniors job is to make sure to explain about pros of relocation. Most important is a medical care. Having a Emergancy taster next to a bed and having a trained Nurse 0/24 to be there for you is the main advantage. If a Senior is living alone with a walking disabilities it would be a huge task to visit a bathroom, especially during a night time. If Senior is suffering from Dementia it could easily happen to forget to take an important daily medicine. Staying in a good Nursing Home will make a social life more exciting. Having the same age group of people around will bring a joy to Seniors.


The 6 Ultimate TIPS for When Your Parent NEEDS but Refuses Nursing Home


Study shows that 90% of Seniors refuses to accept that they need a Full Time assistance. Some suffer from dementia forgetting things. Some are not able to use a bathroom on their own. Family is the one who take care financially, legally and time wise. Doing everything they need to do for their parents to have the best service out there. Exactly that’s why you have to get to know what Nursing Elderly Care Homes in Belgrade Serbia offers.


  • Give to your parent sense of Control. Never tell them that they have to do something. Instead of that talk about options with them. Try different approaches.


  • Make sure to show them love and discus with them about options. Don’t show frustration and never loose your patience.


  • Visual approach is crucial. Show them photos and videos of Social Life at Elderly Homes in Belgrade. Show to them photos and videos of Medical staff that will take care of them. It would be good if they realise that their life would be way more interesting, social and less lonely at Elderly Home. That’s why is super important that you choose on of the best Nursing and Elderly Care Homes in Belgrade Serbia.


  • Tell them that they can try it out for a few months. If they don’t like it tell them that you can discuss it again with them for a potentially relocation back home. Once they find their new friends at Old People Home study show that 50% – 70% of Seniors refuses to go back Home.


  • Explain that they will have privacy and professional assistance.


  • Tell them how you feel. If you are busy with work and your own family. Share your concerns with them. Explain that you can not give up on your work and your kids. Explain that you cant manage it all. Share love and concern. Most important ask them for their opinion and ask them what would they do if they were you.



The 5 Most Amazing TIPS how to keep your parents Healthy and movable as long as possible



  • First thing first make sure that your parents live a healthy Senior Life. You have to Convince them that they have to do daily exercise. Exercise could be done at some of the popular Belgrade Gyms, classes for elderly. They Should practice Yoga for elderly at least 3 times a week. All of this can be found on Youtube. Its important that they stay consistent, no excuses.


  • Reading and learning instead of infinitely siting and watching movies. A Study shows that with studding and using your brain there are up to 200% less chances to suffer from Dementia.


  • Keep Parents Social Life active. If you don’t have kids make sure at least that you visit them once a week. Bring them food and flowers. Stay with them and keep your mobile phone away.


  • Make sure that they feel loved. A Study finds that Elderly people suffer from lack of love and loneliness. Call them on phone as much as you can and always have patience. Be kind!


  • Having a Pet for your parents Is a proven method. They might refuse in the beginning but after a while they will love it. Having a cat could be a better choice. Check out more info at popular Pet Shops in Belgrade.


A STUDY FINDS that moving parents from Europe to the Serbia Nursing and Elderly Care Homes has been the right choice for many families!

Additional Info: Beside Nursing and Elderly Care Homes Belgrade Serbia has some of the best Private Hospitals out there.


What Are the Three Common Objection about Nursing Homes?


  • The most common objection is that numerous nursing homes are slow to respond to the needs of Elders
  • Not a good food
  • Not Social


The 6 benefits of choosing a Nursing Elderly Care Home

  • Social Life with people same age
  • Housekeeping
  • Safe Environment
  • Medical Assistance
  • Nurses on Site
  • Stuff to Help 0/24