Paintball in Belgrade

Paintball in Belgrade

Paintball is the game that is played by a group of people. Paintball in Belgrade is one of the most popular Belgrade Activities and for sure must go for Belgrade Bachelor party attenders. Paintball can be extreme! Make sure to learn safety tips before you get yourself into the battle field. Do not drink and come drunk! You might get hurt!



Why Paintball and not some other activity in Belgrade?


Its proven that Paintball plays a major part in a Stress Relief.


  • Adrenaline boost
  • Full body workout
  • Sell Confidence
  • Super Fun Game
  • Tactical Thinking
  • Teaming up with friends


Paintball in Belgrade



Do you need a prior experience to play it?


Yes you need army experience to attend Belgrade Paintball. hehehehehe. Not really. Its super easy and fun. Only what you have to make sure is not to get shoot in the beginning of the game. You will get super bored waiting for the next round. Calm down and relax. Only then you will be able to think about tactic moves.

Stay focus. Get to know the environment and dont play Rambo. You will get shot by a dude with a more patients. Get to know team colours. So you will not shoot on your own team members. If you manage somehow to shoot on your own team it would be quite bad. Make sure to apologise and explain that you are a beginner.

Notice: Paintball can heart you. Be ready for some bruises and bit of pain after the game.


How long does a Game Last?


You can play as much as you want. Of course you have to book your session on time. In the summer period the most of appointments are already booked way in advance. So you might end up to play at 8 or 9 am. So be smart and book your game in advance.

Avoid this avoid that. Just relax and enjoy in a shootout. Book only the best place in Belgrade. Get transportation to the spot by a professional driver. Avoid any issues and arrive on time. Good Paintball places in Belgrade will be on your service for any questions needed. Mini vans or cars will wait for you in front of your accommodation and will take you directly to the “war” zone.  Then if you survive they will pick you up after you finish and take you back.

You can book as many hours as you want. It depends how u feel wearing bunch of a Paintball clouts during the HOT Belgrade Summers. Make sure to bring clean clothes, you might want to refresh after the running around.


How Much does Paintball it cost in Belgrade?


Paintball in Belgrade cost from 30 euros. Its similar price list as Karting in Belgrade. Depends how many people area attending a game and how many balls are u going to blow into your buddies. Decide in advance how long will you play. Price depends also from a High And low season in Belgrade. Our suggestion is to book places that we recommend.



Does Paintball Hurt?

We all have different level of handling the pain. So theres no certain answer. Mostly people say after a game that paintball didnt hurt them that much. It will depend as well on how fast the ball is going. Distance in travels and where on the body it hits you.

You have to keep you eyes and a nose safe and protected! Regarding rest of your body you should expect a few bruises and bumps after playing a game.


Does Low Impact Paintball Hurt?

Similar to above, everyone pain scale is different and therefore it can’t really be specified how much it will hurt. It will hurt at least a very little bit but is considered part of the fun.


Indore Vs Outdoor Paintball


Outdoor Paintball is fun. Be aware that its warm in Belgrade during short European summers. This experience will stay in your memory for eternity. So make sure to rock on the field. Two major things: Dont hide trough the game and dont die on the beginning.

Indore Paintball are mostly held in the fall and winter season. Beatle fields are spread all over the city. You have to make sure to book your appointment in advance. By booking on time you will get a good time to play.


What to do After I Finish with Paintball?


During summer check Knez Mihailova street. From there take a walk to the Kalemegdan Fortes. Watch a Sunset just next to Monument of Victors. Coffee Shops at Dorcol area. During winter most of the hanging is done at Malls. Most of Belgrade people are ready for new friendships. With a smile on the face it will be easy to make friends along your trip. Go to concur the famous Belgrade Nightlife. Go and discover some of the epic Belgrade clubs.

Most of the fun in Belgrade is held on the rivers, and most of the posh Belgrade girls are hanging around Beton Hall area. If you are into Underground Scene, if you like BERLIN style, if you like techno make sure to visit Cetinjska Street area, abounded beer factory that was taken over the artiest and creative souls.Testimonials


Paintball in Belgrade was painful. Just joking. I had an epic time with my homies from Uni. We arrived to Belgrade on Friday afternoon. As everyone else we went out on Friday night till early morning hours. Saturday was booked for Paintball. We were lucky since it was a summer time. That day particular was not that hot.

Jorn Amsterdam here. We were 10 guys on a stag weekend. We didnt even sleep for an hour while in Belgrade. There are so many things you can do and see in Belgrade. Highly recommended for people around the world who enjoy adrenaline to try out Paintball in Belgrade. We will be back one day. Hvala Beograd.