Panta Rei One Of Belgrade’s Best Restaurants

Panta Rei One Of Belgrade’s Best Restaurants.

If you are visiting Belgrade and looking to dine at a pretty amazing restaurant this is the place for you.

It is the perfect location in Dorcol overlooking the Danube River Panta Rei is simply stunning.

The restaurant has a very pleasant and warm atmosphere about it.

Panta Rei restaurant offers outstanding service and the staff are extremely friendly. polite and professional.

The menu has a variety of delicious dishes for you to chose from.

Fresh seafood, pastas, meats from the grill,chicken, salads, as well as some traditional Serbian dishes and of course desserts, just to name a few things.

They also have a great wine selection imported wines from, Italy, Spain, France, Argentina,Spain as well as local wines as well.

There is definitely something here for every taste , fantastic food combined with great service this is why they have been operating for 20 years.


Panta Rei Belgrade

Panta Rei Belgrade


Panta Reis is open 7 days a week and is also open for breakfast so if you are taking a walk by the Danube in the morning be sure to stop here for breakfast and coffee.

If you are spending the festive season in this beautiful city then this is the perfect place to dine if you are spending  New Years Eve in Belgrade.

If you would like us to make you a dinner reservation, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or give us a call or whatsapp on +381 62 33 77 00