Party all week long

Party all week long

One of the most famous clubs in Belgrade, MR. Stefan Braun has events every single day of a week -Party all week long with the most friendlies stuff and best bartenders in the city who are trowing best shows every single night! The club is rocking since 2003, and since then didn’t stop with the best parties. The program for winter is next:

Mondays: Celebrity night with live music of the best pop and rock hits;

Tuesdays: DIZEL party with the music of the 90’s;

Wednesdays: “Girls gonna get wild” event with commercial house music;

Thursdays: “Sky High” party where is all about R’n’B tracks;

Fridays: “Hang (on until the party is ) Over” retro house music;

Saturdays: ” Saturday night fever” and its all about house;

Sundays: Sunday Beat as perfect end of the weekend with deep house, techno and rave.

See for yourself why is Belgrade nightlife famous all around the world.

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