Party tourism in Belgrade is in full swing all day and night – only @Hot Mess!

Hot Mess is a place where you can enjoy during all day and all night, and as well experience true party tourism in Belgrade! Yes, you read well! This is perfect place for relaxing during the day, and it gets a special vibe when night falls. Lazy bags or fancy tables, here you can find whatever you want.

On Mondays, people attend one of the best Monday parties in Belgrade – RnB party with – DJ Moooka from Novi Sad! It is perfect for people who want to relax after work and it is known that every day is like weekend.

Party tourism in Belgrade

“HotMess party people”

HotMess RnB party

“HotMess RnB party”


If you choose to visit Hot Mess during the day, you shouldn’t miss pool menu! Delicious summer snacks are waiting for you. Sushi is a specialty, which fits in this interior. Nigiri, Maki Rolls, Sashimi, Premium Rolls are just a small piece of the rich menu, and prices are from 150 rsd to 950 rsd. For full pleasure, with favorite drinks, you can choose appertizers – mess apps (1200 rsd) and tatar (1380 rsd). There are also burgers and sandwiches, from 380 rsd to 500 rsd. What can also make you feel like you are on seaside is sea food. Sea Bass (Brancin), Bream (Orada), Squid (Lignje), Prawns (Gambori) are serving on terrace. Prices are from 1300 rsd to 1800 rsd. And of course, you shouldn’t miss deserts – fruit basket (450 rsd), watermelon lollipops (400 rsd ) and ice cream (100 rsd)!


And when the night falls down we are ready for a great party! Hot Mess turns into elite night club! Besides the wide wine card, here you can choose some of the best spirits. Prices for wine are from 490 rsd per glass. Spirits like whisky, cognac, tequila, rum, vodka, gin or Serbian brandy rakija have prices from 310 rsd to 690 rsd. Liquers are all between 340 rsd and 390 rsd. For those of you who like beer, you can choose from Stella (390 rsd), Beck’s (340 rsd), Corona (460 rsd) to light taste of Erdinger (340 rsd). Red Bull (470 rsd) and Bacardi Breezer (450 rsd) are there for more energy, and cocktails for more fun (from 350 rsd to 650 rsd).

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