Pet Shops in Belgrade

Pet SHOPS IN Belgrade


There are plenty of Pet Shops in Belgrade to choose from. Every neighbourhood in Belgrade has its own park or space where u can take your doggy out in the walk. Its awesome we know! Almost all the cool coffee shops in Belgrade are allowing pets in the gardens and very often inside of venues as well. Belgrade is super pet friendly city! Good to know: Make sure if u take your doggy in a cafe in Belgrade to follow the rules and respect others people personal space. Keep your dog quite please.


The 5 most beautiful places to take yourself and doggy for a walk


Park Kalemegdan is the biggest park in Belgrade. It offers nice place for a walk and very often beautiful sunsets. You can easily access there by foot, only few minutes from Knez Mihailova street.


Zemunski Kej is another area, just by the river. You might find that Zemusnki Kej is pretty romantic place, with plenty of traditional restaurants around.


Ada Ciganlia is for those who wants to do a bit adventure. Its still super close to the city center and Banovo Brdo area, it offer amazing green place for your pets.


25ti Maj is area in the city Center.

Pet Shops in Belgrade

Pets in Belgrade



Located in the Dorcol area. This area is by the river. Its super beautiful! You will enjoy walk from the Panta Rei Restaurant to Nebojsa Tower and all the way to the Betn Hall area or Savamala.


Park Kosutnjak is just wow! Try Ski Staza Venue, and make sure to bring your camera along.

Kosutnjak has some outdoor gym ( work out ) equipment and offer good place for running.



Belgrade Pet Shops. How to Choose?


There are around 100 Pet Shops in Belgrade. Most of them offer toys and food for your pets weekly or monthly use. For the best ones in Belgrade, as always, check again at the top of our page! In the most popular Belgrade shops, you will find Toys, Playgrounds, Teeth whiting gels, Beds and Furniture. If you Pet beside good food and toys and other accessories needs to be checked, to get a vaccine or to get chipped, then check this page: Veterinary Clinic Belgrade.



Make sure that you get papers for you dog, before you want to travel.



Prices of food in Belgrade Pet Shops


Pet food prices varies from a brand to the amount that you want to buy. In the most of the bigger Shop places, you might find amazing deals. NEW Toys and games or playgrounds is better to look for in the NEW Belgrade shops. Don’t know why, but it looks like from the experiences of the pet owners that New Belgrade shops has bigger offer. At the new Belgrade you will find easy access for a parking as well.


How to make a friend in Belgrade while walking your pet around?


Most of the people in Belgrade are walking their dog on their own. For some its time to take a walk on their own and for others to meet someone.

You will find that most of the dog owners also smokes, so asking for a lighter ( if you are a smoker ) it might be a good way to start a conversation.


Asking about a dog name or race or giving a compliment about someone’s dog can be a good start of a new friendship.


Make sure not to start politic talks and history talks, as well Geography in this region might be tricky as well.


Belgrade people like to chat about possibilities for a new business idea, about traveling and of course History (which u need to avoid).


If you are looking where to have a lunch after the walk, check out the list of the most popular Restaurants in Belgrade.


Whats the most popular pet in Belgrade Serbia?


We are pretty sure that Dogs are the most common pets in Belgrade. Almost every another person has a pet. There are people that prefer cats and birds. Dogs will be found everywhere. Recently we have noticed that street dogs are not an issue any more. It use to be few years ago that Street dogs are cruising around the city Centar. Luckily its not that common any more. Street dogs can be fond in suburbs of Belgrade though.


How much does a dog cost in Belgrade?


You can get super cute dog for 100 euros. If you are looking to get an awesome deal then calculate that you will spend around 1000 euros for your new family member. Cats are way cheeper. Birds as well. It depends as you know from the details from a particular dog that you might be interested to. If dog parents are famous you might need to spend way more then you have previously planed.


Are PETS Legal in Belgrade?


Yap they are. Make sure to pay a visit to Belgrade Vets. Your doggy will need vaccination and documents. Vets are good contacts if you planing to get a pet.  Pet shops in Belgrade are second address for good info about having a new family pet.


Did you know?

People nowadays choose more often to have a cute Doggy than a child. This social phenomenon was notice by the Pope Francis from Vatican himself. He call people who have dogs instead of Kids Selfish. Some of the main reasons why young couples choose a doggy are related to their Free Time. Another most common reason is a price. Having a child these days cost a fortune. Dog owners claim that they get unconditional love from their Pet. Scientists at Azabu University in Japan have recently discovered that dog owners experience same rush (feel good hormone) when they interact with their dogs. Same feeling like the mothers of babies. Oxytocin is known as the Hormone of Love and its released during breast feeding and loving physical contact.

Study show that Young People choose Freedom of time more then 9-5 Working lifestyle. Lap-Top and travel the world is a goal of 95% of youngsters. When they been asked about Love most common answers were related to Family, Friends and Pets.

With all these facts Future of Humans is surely unknown. In the meanwhile feed your family member at the best Pet Shops in Belgrade.