Pharmacies in Belgrade

Get to know how Pharmacies in Belgrade work. There are government and there are private pharmacies. There are almost no difference. The supply is the same! Some of them work all night long and the staff is highly professional. The main difference is that in Belgrade in government pharmacies the number of prescription drugs is for the two percent higher than in private pharmacies. 

In order for someone to work in a pharmacy they have be licensed. in Serbia Belgrade only graduates of the University of Pharmacy can work in pharmacies. So you can be absolutely sure that you will receive adequate advice if you need to. In any pharmacy you go to you will most likely get the right info.

Considering that nowadays you are looking to save time in every possible way you can now order medicines online. Several private pharmacies offer this service. Which is great if you are super busy or you are not feeling very well to go out.

Good to know:  APOTEKA = PHARMACY

This is the sign of Government pharmacies called „Apoteka Beograd“ ( Pharmacie Belgrade)


The government pharmacy website is great, it has an English language option, it gives you a map of all the locations and pharmacies on duty throughout the city. Also, they have their own specialised pharmacies specialising in the work with, blind and partially sighted people, deaf people, pharmacies for dispensing medicines to persons being treated for AIDS or autoimmune diseases, etc. , there is list of specialized pharmacies on their site, as well as price list, actual promotions , discount and other. Government pharmacies are amazing but they are missing possibility for online orders. 

A great example of a private pharmacy that promotes healthy living, with the goal of preventing illness, with staff who are constantly educated and keeping up with all the world trends and a pharmacy that has a tradition of over 20 years is the „Laurus“ chain of pharmacies. The web page is excellent and easy to understand, there is an option to switch to English. All their pharmacies operate 24/7 and the locations are predominantly in the centre of Belgrade. This store has its own online shop, you can make a list of products and pick them up personally or it can be brought to you by the courier service, they also have contact telephones to assist with ordering, which you can call at any time. In addition to medicines, they also have a baby program, cosmetics, a diet program and even toys for children.

There is also Benu pharmacy, it is a pharmacy chain operating across Europe. What sets them apart from other pharmacies is the concept of space itself, open space, giving you the option to explore the products, the products are set up so you can view them, take the product, read the features.

Pharmacies in Belgrade – 1


The web site itself is very interesting, because of there are various tips and blogs on the topic of health, there is a section “Ask a pharmacist” , list of products. They do not have option for online shopping though. The number of Benu pharmacies in Belgrade is huge, on their web page you can enter a part of the city and it will show you where is the nearest pharmacy. Almost every shopping mall in Belgrade has a Benu pharmacy. Its among the most visited Pharmacies in Belgrade.

These are just some of the recommendations we have written, there are many different pharmacies in Belgrade, but the most important thing is that the employees are very professional and licensed so that if you encounter something unknown about your health you can trust pharmacists, and their advice. If you need to visit a Doctor in Belgrade check out list of the trust wordy Hospitals in Belgrade.  

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Make sure to shop in the right places. Check the important information about shopping places in Belgrade. Enjoy your stay in Belgrade.


Spring allergies in Belgrade


How to handle Spring allergies? Not every person that sneeze has Covid. Actually study shown that every 10th person has some type of allergy that might trigger Sneeze and Cough. Most of the people dont know and dont want to accept the fact that they become sensitive to pollen.

Main spring allergy come with pollen. Trees and weeds release these tiny grains into the air.

The immune system mistakenly sees the pollen as a danger and releases antibodies that attack the allergens. That leads to the release of chemicals called histamines into the blood. Histamines trigger the runny nose and  achy eyes very often. Could cause other symptoms as well.

Walk in any well equipped pharmacy in Belgrade and your alergie might be gone in matter of hours.