Photographers in Belgrade

We all been thought not to judge a book by its cover but when your customers are looking for a business thats exactly what they will do. They will search online for the best Photographers in Belgrade. Professional photos will make a difference. Having high quality images will get your business more traffic, shares and profit.


Good style Make a difference


Good style make your product more attractive. Good photographer is not only the one who know the school technics and that has an expensive equipment. Without an eye on details and creativity your photos will not stand out.

Visiting Belgrade and looking for some epic shots? Looking to hire a local Photographers in Belgrade? There are quite a few amazing street and life style artists that are cruising trough the Belgrade. Here you go, in this article you can choose the right person that will make your dream come true. Prices are more then fair if you compare them with prices in other European countries. Make sure to check weather forecast before you agree with a photographer. In the most of the cases you would have to pay 50% to reserve your session. There are around 1000 Photographers in Belgrade but only a few have amazing technical skills and are masters of visual editing.


Photographers in Belgrade

The word Photography literally means drawing with light.



10 types of Photographers in Belgrade

A niche of Photography is a segment of a larger market that has its own unique needs and identity. In Belgrade you are going to find these ones:


  • Fashion
  • Wedding
  • Landscape
  • Ariel / Drone
  • Sports
  • Events
  • Food / Restaurant
  • Real Estate / Air Bnb & Booking / Interior
  • Lifestyle /Family
  • Street




When hiring a Photographer make sure that they are experts in these skills:


  • Artistic Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Paying the attention to details
  • Work Under pressure
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Excellent with Editing
  • Know how to handle their equipment
  • Experience



Hire the BEST in Belgrade

Why not to get the best out of Belgrade! Why no to get professional photos and videos that will stay in the memory for ever! Here is a group of local entrepreneurs that might make your dream come true. These group is one of the finest in Belgrade. They know how to click and too edit. Get to know more about them.


Wedding Photographers in Belgrade


The most important day needs to be covered with the most beautiful memories. You should not be  happy with an average outcome. You need to have a person that you can lean on. Someone that will cover it all without you thinking about their work. Belgrade wedding industry is huge. There are thousands of Weddings in Belgrade each season. You can find hundreds of Photographers out there. High End material will be delivered just by a few creative individuals.


Real Estate / Air Bnb & Booking / Interior


Renting an apartment trough booking with professional photos might increase your sales up to 400%. In other words if you used to make 1000 euros per month now you will make 4000 euros without any additional work. Simple as that. Recent Study shown that beside quality your images have to match a popular style. For the best outcome only hire a Photographer who is an expert into Interior Real Estate photography.


Fashion Photographers in Belgrade


Fashion and Beauty is what Belgrade is famous for. Beautiful and well dressed ladies in Belgrade are often seen in popular Belgrade Restaurants and Bars. Fashion and modelling takes a big part of Belgrade’s everyday culture. Some of photographers are quite unique and quite diverse. Choose the right person.


Lifestyle and Family Photography


Simply explained Lifestyle photography is a balance between having an exact script and no plan at all.

When a person is looking and smiling at the camera its a portrait photography. Lifestyle photography is a mix of portrait photography and documentary photography. Main purpose of Lifestyle Photography is to share people stories capture in a real life situations in an Artistic manner. 


Night photography require some extra Skills. Light that photographer use makes a huge difference. When it comes to the Nightlife you have to know that Belgrade Clubs are quite interesting. Not only because of the club set up, its about people who go hard on a party! Some of a Belgrade Clubs allowing party people to climb on a tables and dance on sofas till the early morning hours. If you planing to make an EVENT in Belgrade get yourself some of the best guys over there.


Sport Photographers in Belgrade

It might be more cost effective to hire a professional in Belgrade than to bring your guy along. You will save bunch of cash. Outcome will be the same if not event better. Ask for an equipment and check their work before you hire your Belgrade guy.
Belgrade is all about Events, Fashion and Sports. There are around 20 sport events every single week in Belgrade. So Belgrade Sports Photographers are very much experienced with freezing the right moment.


Urban Landscape Photography 

Landscape photography is the practice of capturing a natural scene in an artful or compelling way to engage the viewer’s eye and attention.

Landscape photography is one of the most appreciated types of photography. Choose a person who will turn a memorable experience into a piece of fine art.

Urban landscape is a complex structure which is a result of the interaction between human and environment. Urban Landscape involves Cultural, Social and Economic dimension.



Arial / Drone

Recently there is huge demand for a Drone work. Person that you hire needs to have a special permission by Serbian Authorities to fly a drone in Belgrade. If he dosent have then you might not get material for your event. Rules are strict over here. Check with a Drone Guy what kind of drone do they use. Ask kim whats the deal if there is a rain. Agree about everything in details as much as possible. Some of Drone master might be really busy in the heigh season. Our tip is to get in touch with them as soon as possible.


Restaurant and Food Photography


We know some places with average food that are killing it and on the another hand we know for places with super tasty food that are half empty all the time. Beside good food and running Social medias well, restaurant owners needs to have an  breathtaking content. Without Good content there is no bright future for the most of the places on the market. If you are planing to run a FOOD Event or planing to open a Restaurant, then choose wisely.



Street Photography

What the hack is Street Photography? It all depends on who you ask. Some street photographers will say that it is about capturing the emotion and expressions of people while others may put a higher emphasis on the urban environment. The best street photographers are the ones that mix well human elements and the urban environment. Sometimes waiting for hours waiting for a person interaction with an environment.



Good to know about Belgrade


You dont have to worry about food in Belgrade. Serbian Food is well known around the world. Click here to check the full list of the most popular Belgrade Restaurants.

If you want to get ideas where to take photos check our page out: