Posh and Luxury

Are you tired of all those average party experiences, are you tired of waiting in a line to get into the clubs, average hotels, average cars, and bad services…? Do you sometimes feel like you need an exclusive getaway with your friends or family? How does posh and luxury weekend sounds to you? Great?! Well, then Belgrade might be just a perfect place for you, especially if you’re planning something special – as your bachelor or bachelorette party. Take your friends or your family members and go for the unique experience, the capital of fun and parties, known commonly as the city that never sleeps!


If you are lover of Luxury, then First of all – make sure to organize your new, high class, modern car or even limo that will take you from the airport to your accommodation. Limo with a cold champagne as your first tour through the city… sounds nice, doesn’t it? Or if you’re more into sports cars and fast rides – why not renting something more suitable for you? When it comes to tours through the city – you should  consider few more transportation options that Belgrade can offer: how about helicopter tour over the whole city? It’s definitely going to be a breathtaking view from bird perspective! Or if you’re more of a water type – try boat or yacht. Belgrade has it all!

Posh and luxury helicopter

Once that you’ve taken care of your transportation – make sure to find a proper accommodation for your posh and luxury getaway. Good to know: In Belgrade you can find only a few villas that are rented per day. What is important to know about these luxury houses is that they are rented pretty fast and you have to be booked them in time! So be sure to call and rent one at least a month or few weeks before your arrival to Belgrade.

If you’re a food lover, you will just adore Belgrade! We are very known after our delicious specialties that you can try in some of our amazing restaurants. Some of our restaurants don’t only provide you with great food, great wine and cocktails, but also with a great view. Belgrade’s, Beton Hala is a part of the city with some of the best restaurants, popular bars and clubs. It is a walking area with high class places you should definitely check out, but also with a great view on the river. Make sure to visit some of our best restaurants, here is the list of top five.

Posh and luxury beton hala