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If you are reading this that means that you are looking for a solution. First thing first read this article till the end. Get to know difference between Psychotherapist and Psychologist. How to be sure do you need a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist?


Psychotherapist VS Psychologists


Psychotherapy on the other hand is a Talk Therapy. It helps people to deal with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional issues. Depression and Anxiety are the most common disorders among people in Belgrade. When is the right time to contact a Psychotherapist? If you feel that you are not being effective and productive at everyday life it’s a last call to book your counselling. Good and trained Therapist can Help you get unstuck.


A psychologist is a person who has an Academic Degree in psychology. These professionals are focused on theoretical hypothesis instead of a training in counselling or therapy. It takes long 6 years to become a psychologist. If psychologists get a PhD, they get a title of a doctor but don’t get confused, they are not medical doctors. A psychologist studies how people behave, think and feel. They are doing this from a scientific point of view. Psychologists can specialise in areas such as mental health, occupational and educational psychology. When it comes to healthcare, psychologists specialise in Addiction, Biopsychology, Cognitive, Counselling or Clinical, Forensic. Interesting niche is a Consumer Psychology. They research Consumer Behaviour. They are helping business to understand what makes consumers buying their products. Forensic Psychologist are focus on a relationship between psychology and law. Another interesting Niche in this science is Military Psychology. Long story short. They are helping soldiers transition back into civilian life.


Psychologists & Psychotherapists might have different methods, but their Goal is the same: To make you heal and feel good again.



Psychotherapists and Psychologists in Belgrade

Depression & Anxiety? You are NOT Alone! Get help from Psychotherapists and Psychologists in Belgrade.



Is Psychotherapy successful?


Around 75% of people claim the benefit from a therapy. A Study finds that Therapy is a as effective as medication. Actually, this is not quite true. Its way more effective on a long term. With medication you are treating a cause of a problem you dealing with. While Therapy will take you to the root of a problem. Book some of the best Psychotherapists and Psychologists in Belgrade. Its Confidential and Private. Check at the top of our page for recommendation.



Psychotherapist VS Psychiatrists


Psychotherapists are trained to deal with emotional problems. They are not allowed to prescribe medications if needed. While Psychiatrists has a medical degree. They can prescribe medications. Traditional Psychiatrists are practicing Psychotherapy. Psychiatrists are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems. If you have panic attacks, hallucinations, hearing voices and thinking about suicide you should look for a psychiatric help.


Anxiety Disorder


Around 25% of the whole population in USA suffer from Anxiety. In Europe that number is officially 5%. Research have shown that numbers are way greater. Instead of choosing to talk to someone people choose alcohol and drugs as a way to escape. Anxiety disorder is on the top of the list in the EU. Around 25 million people faced that they suffer from anxiety disorders. Depressive disorders at the second spot with 22 million people asking for a help only in the EU. Choosing an Experienced Psychotherapists and Psychologists in Belgrade might help you to get back on the track. Facing with your issues is the only right way how to deal with it. There are 4 types of Anxiety:

  • Social anxiety disorder Feeling unpleasant and worry when you are around others
  • General anxiety disorder Worry about many different all the time
  • Panic disorder Unexpected feelings of fear very often with pain in the chest and a beating heart
  • Phobias is an intense fear of places and things



We all feel sad and down very often. So how to know do we suffer from a depression? Science has made it really clear. If you have symptoms for the most of your day every day for at leat 2-3 weeks you would be consider that you have mental issues. You would have to be exam to clarify though.

Most common Symptoms are:

  • Felling Hopeless
  • Sad
  • No Energy
  • Sleeping to little or to much but still always tired
  • Hard on Focus


Difference between Anxiety & Depression

Symptoms are the main difference. Depression is when you have no energy and feel sad. When you lost interest in activities that you used to do. Depression brings people into mood of hurting themselves. Fear and Worry comes from Anxiety. Feeling that you are out of control.



Good to know


Psychologists Treat Less Severe Conditions while Psychiatrists Treat More Complex Mental Health Disorders. Book you appointment with a Psychotherapists and Psychologists in Belgrade. If you need another kind of medical assistance check out: Dentists in Belgrade, Hospitals and Cosmetic Surgery in Belgrade. If you looking for additional Info feel free to whats app us.