Rakia Bar Belgrade

Rakia Bar Belgrade

In Serbia we say “Ziveli” as we clink glasses to celebrate an occasion, before or during a meal, basically every time we toast to something.

It wont take you long in Serbia to be offered a shot of Rakjia.

Rakija is the equivalent to Greece’s ouzo.

Rakija is a traditional Serbian brandy which you can find in every Serbian home, if you have visited a Serbian household then you would have been no doubt offered to try some.

When you visit Belgrade one place that you need to check out is Rakia Bar, for a true Serbian experience to be had by all. Located in one of the oldest streets in the heart of the city center, in Dobracina street.

With a huge selection of over 50 types of different Rakija for you to try from a variety of different fruits, including, plum,melon, and honey to name just a few,

Once you have decided on your favorite you can always purchase a bottle from there gift shop to take home and enjoy.



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