Renting a suit in Belgrade

Are you traveling to Belgrade for the wedding, or you just want to attend to some of the famous Belgrade events where up scale dress code is a must, but you forget your best suit at your home, or you didn’t have enough space in your suitcase? Don’t you worry about that, we have got you covered! Whatever reason or excuse you have for that, do not despair because Renting a suit in Belgrade is easier than ordering a lemonade.

In this article you will find the most popular wedding studios for renting suits in Belgrade.

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Tuxedo rentals in Belgrade



In showroom Anabella you can rent an exclusive men’s suits of famous French brand –  Guy Laurent, at affordable prices. With years of experience, their friendly and professional staff will give you all the necessary help in choosing the ideal clothes for any occasion. They are specialized in renting clothes for weddings and other celebrations especially in last minute. Located in the part of Belgrade called Vozdovac, in Kumodraska street number 35.

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In this studio, you will find Italian suits made by Carlo Pignatelli. Carolija is located in the center of Belgrade! Italian, distinctive elegance, unique fit and stylish design that are complemented with excellent materials and even better models, make their offer of formal suits very rich and typical. This is what makes this collection magical and unique. Also, if you like how does suits fits you, you can always buy it there! They are located in center of Belgrade, in Obilicev Venac street number 26.

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TC Piramida

In this shopping mall you will find more than 10 studios and stores specialized in wedding gowns, suits and tuxedos. The 3rd floor of this mall is reserved for formal clotting for every occasion.  Maybe TC Piramida Mall is the easiest solution when you are in hurry, because everything you need, you will find in one place. They have tailors as well, so you can fix up something what should be fixed in no time.  Address is Jurija Gagarina, number 151.

Tips: How to look amazing in the Tuxedo

  • Play with colors! Who says that suit mast be in the same color? Play with combinations! For example, navy blue jacket goes great with the khaki pants!
  • Who says that a tie must be plain and simple? It is always cool to see vintage and colorful one! But in that case choose wisely shirt and suit.
  • Bow tie is also a great and modern look for a gentleman!
  • Scarf is a great way to create a look if you are not into ties.
  • Do not forget a matching handkerchief in the pocket of jacket!
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 Should i be Renting a suit in Belgrade or just buy one?


You will notice that in Belgrade people like to stand up with a style. SO what to do if you want to pimp up yourself but you forgot suit at home. No brainer at all. Just get to the right address in Belgrade and choose the style you like. When to buy? If you are planing to wear it at least 1 a month its understandable and cost effective if you just buy a one. Keep in mind if you buy one that you should follow your body weight. If you add up some weight it might be an issue with a fitting.