Reserve on time for New Year’s EVE 2016/2017

Reserve on time for New Year’s EVE 2016/2017

Mikser  is definitely place to be for the New Year’s  EVE! It is located in heart of Belgrade in district also known as Savamala area. Party for NYE 2015/2016 was a blast, and because of that, party crew decided to throw  ” Love revolution vol. II ” for this year!

Music program for this special night: EDM, Pop Rock and 80s hits.

Tickets are 17 Euros per person, and if you buy them at the door price is 21 Euros. For VIP table price is 100 Euros. Reservations are not needed, you need only a ticket. For bar tables and space for the bar there is only one rule: First come -first get. Our suggestion is to come at 15 to 10 pm to grab bar table space for you and your crew.

Reserve on time for New Year’s EVE 2016/2017


Love revolution party at Mikser

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Love revolution party

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