Restaurants / Dinner in Belgrade for New Years Eve

Restaurants / Dinner in Belgrade for New Years Eve


Important Notice 90% of Belgrade restaurants will make their own parties for New Years Eve.

(These parties are more quite and are more a family occasion) which means that restaurants will sell their own packages and you would be required to be there at a certain time which would mean you would not make it to the night club on time.

YES that means that you cant go out to the club afterwards.

The parties at the clubs kickoff at 10 pm and you are required to be there on time for your reservation, therefore you can not be at the restaurant and at the club at the same time.


So what should you do, where to eat before Belgrade Nightlife on the 31st December ??

One of the very few restaurants that will not make their own “party” is a very stylish and very good located restaurant in Belgrade is Panta Rei. Warm up New Years Eve restaurant Panta Rei will make


– 15 EUROS PER PERSON will be the price for all you can eat buffet

– Drinks are not included/friendly prices of drinks


Be aware that you need to be in BELGRADE CLUBS by 10:00 pm


-If you need transportation to the clubs after dinner, you can ask the restuarnat reception to call you a taxi

– Call a taxi at least 15 minutes before you plan to leave

– Please be on time so you are not left disappointed !




1. Traffic Jam, whole city will be paralyzed. You need to get out from point A to Point B on time

2. Parties for New Years Eve start at 10:00 pm  and last till 3-4 am

3. Have tickets and reservations with you, you will need to show them at the door of the venue

4. Do not get intoxicated before 10:00 pm, it may ruin your time and club authorities may not let you in the venue if you are intoxicated

5. Best after party will be at 20/44 Alternative club or Mint if you like mainstream style

6. Buy your tickets and get your space in clubs on time

7. Want to know Belgrade Club Prices ? Check by clicking here.