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Belgrade Restaurants? Let’s make it clear from the beginning. When it comes to the food, Belgrade pretty much rules. What does it make Belgrade such a special place when it comes to the food? Well first of all that boring Balkan History mixed up everything. Including our food recipes. Unlike other things in the history recipes succeeded and implemented into our everyday life’s. Belgrade and Serbian food is just YUMMY. What are the prices in Belgrade Restaurants?

How much food costs in Belgrade Restaurants? 

This is what most of the people want to know before heading to the some of the popular Belgrade restaurants. How much money will I spend there?

High Quality, Tasty, Good Service and FRIENDLY prices. To be more specific with the price, meal will cost you from 5-10 sometimes 15 euros per person. This are the prices in the popular Belgrade restaurants. Add 20- 50 euros on the top of that and get bottle of the Epic Italian or local Belgrade Wine.

For the Moet Champagne you will need to spend around 80-120 euros for the 0,70 L bottle.


Famous Restaurant Areas in Belgrade

Restaurants in Belgrade are spread out trough the whole city. Major area with finest restaurants is called Beton Hall, which means ( Concrete Hall  ). This area is popular for the Winter Clubbing destination as well. Another major spot is Bohemian Quarter better known as Skadarlija Street. At Skadarlija you will find Traditional meals and local food. All other Belgrade restaurants are all over the city center and wider. Check the top of our page, we listed the Best Belgrade Restaurants.

After party food places

Dolina Gladi which means Valley of Hunger. Pretty funny though. This street takes hunger really seriously. Food places works every single day during the whole year around. Most of the places works all night long, and become home for party go-getters. Food over there basically is mostly made from the meat, but, Vegans and Vegetarians don’t cry, you can find Epic vegan pizzas over there. Be aware that this food area is located at the New Belgrade, not that close to the Old City and the City Center. It is kinda of Head Quarters when it comes to the fast food.


Traditional, Posh, Vegan and Alternative places


Belgrade restaurants offer rich selection of food and drinks for very affordable prices, ranging from five to ten Euros per meal, regardless of is it a high-class or a middle-class restaurant. Large number of restaurants has their own music bands that entertain the guests in the evening and night.

One can find all the cousins of the world in Belgrade: National, International, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Thai, Mexican and Italian. There is a meal for everyone taste, so enjoy great menus and beverage cards. Working hours of most Belgrade restaurants are through midnight during the week, and until 1 a.m. on the weekend. Great time always begins with a good meal! After a tasty lunch or dinner, we recommend you going for a drink (or two) in one of the Belgrade bars, and after that, join your friends at some of the best Belgrade clubs later in the night.

Belgrade people just love to dine and to hang around with friends outside of their homes. Every single person in Belgrade has its own favourite place. There are alot of restaurants in the suburbs and around City Center. On the weekends you will find out that almost every single restaurant is crowded with families and couples. If you are wondering about cozy place. Place that has not been discovered by the masses. Please check out then hidden place Ada Safari. Ada Safari can be reached by car or a bike. We would suggest you to rent a bike on Ada Ciganlia and then take a ride around the lake and to end up at Ada Safari Restaurants for a lunch time.

Restaurants in Belgrade

Restaurants in Belgrade


Reservations are required so get your name on the guest list. Contact us for a free reservation, or you can party like a rock star with our Belgrade at Night team, using our nightclub service. Drop us a e-mail or just give us a call, SMS, or Whatsapp us on +381 62 33 77 00.

Check our list of recommended restaurants at the top of the page!


Music Band while Dine In


So while you Din In at traditional restaurants in Belgrade Serbia you will most likely find yourself surrounded with a local band. They will play and sing for the guests. They move from a table to a table. Most likely those songs will be local romantic songs. Sometimes they will play some international famous ones. If you are in the middle of a meeting or you just want to eat you can show to them and tell them that you need space. Ofcorse do that on a polite way. If you decide to enjoy in the music you can leave them a tip after they finish. Amount of a tip is up to you. If you want out tip dont go less then few euros though. While traditional restaurants provide live music posh places provide djs with deep house and even party time on weekends. Beton Hall is famous for having worming up before people head to Belgrade Clubs.


Restaurants in Belgrade

Restaurants in Belgrade


Some Classics out there

Find out more awesome things about Belgrade and Belgrade Restaurants. Belgrade have roughly around 3.000 venues. In the October 2017 more than 1.000 were registered at the TripAdvisor. Among them Belgrade at Night listed some of the special ones.  Here is a quick info about some Classics:

Panta Rei, which in translation from Greek means “everything changes”, is well known restaurant in Belgrade that has been here for over 20 years. Known for tasteful meals and great atmosphere, it has been visited by many celebrities from Serbia and region.

Tri Sesira is of the oldest and most traditional restaurant in Belgrade. A place to experience the best that local cuisine has to offer, as well as a great selection of regional and international wines, but is also of vital importance for national heritage and culture.

Ambar, super popular place at Beton Hala. Dont miss it out while you are in Belgrade. It gets hot out there on the weekends. Make sure to get in touch with us to put you on the guest list.

Salon 1905, reinvention keeps the classics alive. Situated in the iconic ‘Geozavod’ edifice in the very heart of Belgrade’s old town, Salon 1905 offers a truly one of a kind fine dining experience.

Sakura, unusual Asian flavours in a completely modern way in the heart of the Belgrade. The restaurant is named after the Japanese word for cherry blossom.

Toro, is a creative blend of Pan Latin styles and flavours, behind which stands celebrity Chef and restaurateur Richard Sandoval, whose long list of accolades have catapulted him to the very top of the international culinary scene.

 Kalemegdanska Terassa. Restaurant with tradition and an oasis of hedonism in the historical core of Belgrade – The Kalemegdan fortress. Based on French cuisine suitable for a supreme family meal.

Milagro. This restaurant is Spanish-Mediterranean mix, and it is located at the bank of Danube river.  There are specialities such as tapas,snacks,tortillas,specialities from fresh sea fish,a chuleton that Milagro first presented to the capital and because of that became favourite place for its fans of good bite.


50 best restaurants in Belgrade



Make sure you get your name on the guest list so you don’t miss out. We can make you a free reservations. Or you can party with the Belgrade at Night team. Contact us via e-mail or simply give us a call, SMS, or whatsapp us on +381 62 33 77 00.

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