Careva Cuprija

Careva Cuprija

This is one of the many restaurants in Belgrade with Serbian traditional menu. The selection of dishes is really huge – from a variety of appetizers and meals, across specialties prepared under the coals to roast and grill. The wine list includes over 150 types of wines, both domestic and foreign. Restaurant Careva Cuprija is one of the oldest restaurants in the Serbian capital, which is still working. It is now the exclusive place of beautiful interiors in wood – stone, which is decorated with numerous paintings and sculptures. Located on the boulevard between the Topcider and Ada Bridge.

Their regular guests are many important and famous Serbian names from science, education, acting, directing, sports, music, politics and other public spheres, which reminds us of the good old atmosphere of the traditional Serbian old fashion bars, when restaurants were the hubs of the true Serbian elite.
Excellent musicians are responsible for a great atmosphere, with music repertoire which lead  guests to some distant, perhaps forgotten corners of Serbian traditional music.

Address: Boulevard Vojvode Misica 79

Working hours: 09 am – 12 am


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