Carska ohota

A unique principle of preparing vension meals with  the recipes several hundred years old, carefully selected and prepared on authentic way. Restaurant “Carski lov” on Ada Huja gives you an opportunity to get back into the past.

Lamb roasts, vension goulash, stuffed pheasant , grilled  and roasted vension, rabbit meat and  doe back meat, deer steaks with cranberry sous, pheasant soup with dumplings , river fish specialties  … dishes for which it was thought to have been  forgotten, that they are wnished from rememberance,, now at your hand.

Danube, ships that stop by for the admiration to the architecture of this restaurant, Danube, relaxing evening with guitar orchestra, past and present, peace, silence, and the magnificent atmosphere which will be retelled.

A lot of water will pass peacefully on Danube, and many memories will be carried by it, many stories will be told, let your story to be the most beautiful.Come to us, and be a part of story on Danube that will never be forgotten.

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