Celer Gastro House

Celer Gastro House


Celer Gastro House is located in Gospodar Jovanova street in a quiet part of the upper Dorcol, and near the city’s social and cultural events.  A mixture of traditional and modern cuisine make this restaurant unique and the perfect choice for business meetings or for lunch with friends and family. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy varied breakfast or the  pleasant dinners.

The warm atmosphere and friendly staff who will help you with the selection of food and drinks, will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Highlights of the menu are: Serbian sushi rolls with ham cream and pork cracklings, pepper, cucumber and arugula, as well as local snacks, interesting and rich tortillas, sandwiches with unusual fillings, salads with beef or chicken and many more other surprises.
Variety is reflected in the main menu where the Porketta, juicy rolled pork, and Lambina, excellent lamb, accompanied by an interesting dish (stuffed with dried peppers, horseradish and potatoes), as well as beef steak, donut, burgers and kebabs, burgers with interesting additions, smoked trout, chicken stuffed with smoked cheese and prunes …
Accompanies with excellent selection of spirits and wines, does not give you no other choice but that you will leave satisfied this charming restaurant , because you have found a place where you will be glad to return. Check the full list of restaurants in Belgrade.

Working hours: 08 am – 00 am.

Address: Gospodar Jovanova 42a.

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