…mother to some, girlfriend to others, friend to many: Dobrila…

Always cheerful and smiling, ready to feed, pour and entertain…

The international restaurant in the daytime version, restaurant Dobrila turns into a top-notch bar/nightclub “Libertines” with an early dusk. The wine card is rich enough to stand it’s own against the best wine-bars of the world.

Selection of cocktails consists of good, old classics and unique cocktails attributive to “Dobrila”. “Suspicious mind” and “Libertine Dobrila” are the prime examples, personal marks of the club’s cocktail masters.

Selection of hard liquor will satisfy anyone’s taste, and especially the taste of vodka lovers. All that you may combine with various pastas (we single out “Dobrila’s”), meat courses (with every portion you get authentic sauces and gravies) or with one of many main-dish salads.

At restaurant Dobrila, from Wednesday to Saturday, live pop and rock sounds are on, and on Sundays you can attend afternoon “Matinee parties” (6 p.m. through midnight) with DJ and greatest hits.

Address: Dobračina 30

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