Lorenzo i Kakalamba

Lorenzo i Kakalamba

Lorenzo i Kakalamba is one of the restaurants in Belgrade that must be visited!

It features original ambience that can’t be found anywhere in Belgrade. There are lots of interesting details, from goats that graze peacefully on the ceiling, through the comic reproduction of the famous Florentine sculpture.

You will definitely satisfy your appetite once you try any of the international or domestic meals, that are served in big portions and prepared to be extremely tasteful. Unusual atmosphere is intriguing, and great time is guaranteed.

If you see something you really like, maybe beautiful chair or weird but interesting lamp, and you want it for yourself, you can have it! Everything is for sale at Lorenzo i Kakalamba. This unique venue can’t be found anywhere else, and you will definitely have interesting experience. And yes, the food is great!

Address: Cvijićeva 110, Palilula

Working hours: 12:00 – 24:00

FREE Reservations

+381 62 33 77 00 [email protected] Reserve now