Lovac is the Heaven for Meat Lovers. Lovac restaunrat which means hunter is indeed one of the kind. Place has its long tradition and trying to keep old fashionable spirit of Belgrade.  It has the big garden in the heart of the popular Vracar Area. If you are up for traditional Serbian food experience, then Lovac would be the place for it. Good prices and service is what this place is famous for.

Restaurant is placed in the romantic shade of the huge Lime tree. They say that they are proud for their “ Ćumur na Stolu “, meal is consisted of mix meet that is served hot on charcoal grill directly to the your table.

This place is always crowded, so make sure to get in touch with them before heading there.

Restaurant Lovac has distinctive ambient full of hunting secrets – interior has many details such as exposed rifles, hunting equipment, and hunt trophies. Chosen colors for ambient resembles to a natural forest environment where the guests can enjoy cup of warm and friendly conversation and feel like they are in some kind of forgotten peace oasis, contentment in full enjoyment.

Lovac has a spirit of forgotten and relaxed bohemian style with national cuisine menu which many consider among one of the best in Belgrade. Very professional stuff of Lovac are particularly proud of “Ćumur na stolu”, speciality of the house -mixed meat served hot on a small charcoal grill which is brought on your table. Thanks to a long tradition in preparing  best meals and  the secrets ingredients of their chefs you will surely enjoy in best dishes in town.

The restaurant is located on the corner of Njegoševa and Alekse Nenadovića street, only a few steps away from the city noise that is in our garden at all is felt. One of the most beautiful and largest of restaurant garden on the Vracar, thick shade of the old lime trees, pleasant ambient filled with the taste of food and a rich assortment of beverages.





+381 11 2436128 [email protected]
Alekse Nenadovica 19-23