Mala Fabrika Ukusa

Mala Fabrika Ukusa

Mala Fabrika Ukusa (Little Factory of Taste in English) is remarkable restaurant where food is top priority.

At this restaurant, special attention is given for every detail. Firstly, the perfect meal plates where every side dish has its place and every meal is carefully prepared. Food looks great, and tastes even better. Mala Fabirka Ukusa is known for delicious meals and quality service. Waiters are always there to help, and they will make sure that you have great time at this restaurant.

Mala Fabrika Ukusa is proof that competition gives rise to the quality. In Belgrade, where there are restaurants around every corner, Mala Fabrika Ukusa has become one of the most desirable places in Belgrade, and is famous for its service.

Address: Nebojsina 49a

Working hours: 9:00 – 24:00

FREE Reservations

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