Sakura the Spirit of the Far EAST mixed with good style is what defines this amazing place. Sekura Is Home for Lawyers, Bankers, Musicians and other successful People of Belgrade. Among common guest you will find Government officials commonly seen on the local TV channels.

Unusual Asian flavours in Belgrade Beton Hala


One of the most beautiful locations for relaxation and fun in Belgrade is now all the richer for a new and exclusive restaurant of far Eastern cuisine – Sakura. This modern restaurant with the sophisticated touch of the far East combines the super flavours of Asia with a magnificent view of the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers.

“This exceptional location is totally in keeping with the concept of what we imagined, and I believe our menu- which is inspired by the flavours of the far East will enrich the familiar atmosphere typical of this part of Belgrade. Sakura will focus on well-known Eastern cooking traditions, but thanks to our excellent chefs led by Roy Villalobos, every dish will innovative, and hopefully enchanting for all lovers of this cuisine. This is a remarkable contribution of a unique restaurant offer in the city is soon expected to became one of the most iconic and recognisable locations in Belgrade”

The restaurant is named after the Japanese word for cherry blossom and the base of the menu will be traditional dishes from Japan,China, Vietnam,Thailand and Korea, interpreted in a completely modern way. Sakura will offer dishes such as sushi, carpaccio “Saint Jacques” fresh meat with crushed lime ice, soya sauce and caviar, sea bass “Usuzukari”, as well as black cod from the sea of Japan.

Experience hedonism through a wide range of drinks that includes a glamorous cocktail selection,a cellar with over 1500 wines from around the world, many of which our guests will be able to consume by the glass. This offer will complete your journey to the far East on the banks of the Sava, in the heart of Belgrade. All lovers of excellent taste are welcome seven days a week, and the staff are dedicated to providing an amazing atmosphere when it comes to to partying in the city center.

On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays you can enjoy the sounds of different musical genres and highly regarded DJs.




+381 11 3284988 [email protected]
Karadjordjeva 2- 4