Located close to the bank of Danube in the heart of the GARDOS.  Saran restaurant has always kept the old spirit of Zemun. Where is the best fish in town served? Well, Saran restaurant was named after the river fish, The Carp. This famous Belgrade restaurant is known as place that promises good time. Authenticity of this restaurant has gathered celebrities from all parts of Serbia and beyond. Traditional local band might surprise you with a song or two only for you. It might surprise you that they might just know what would you like to listen. Saran food and its entertainment is what makes this place unique.

It is said that if you visited Zemun but you didn’t  pay the visit to Saran it’s like you have never been in Zemun. Firstly guests could taste only the finest specialties of river fish. Sea fish and sea specialties are also served. Because of its popularity among a guests there were those that dosent really eat fish. Just for them Saran has put other meals on the menu. Restaurant can also brag about creating its own classic domestic cookies that represent delicious and tasty dessert.

Although it was opened as a tavern on the bank of a river during the years it has become restaurant where finest specialties are served and today Saran restaurant is mixture of modern and classic. This  restaurant will always keep the spirit of Zemun.

Weekends get quite busy and parking spots are almost always taken away. Consider to make an reservation at least few days in advance ( especially on weekends ). We would suggest you on the busy days to use a taxi. If you have special event you would like to celebrate get in touch with us. Dont forget that our service has High Rates and that is free of charge

Address: Kej Oslobođenja 53, Zemun

Working hours: 12:00 – 02:00



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