Steakhouse El Toro

Steakhouse El Toro is relaxing and amusing venue located at the downtown of Belgrade near the famous tower “Beogradjanka”. As being among the few steakhouse restaurant is Belgrade Steakhouse El Toro has already won hearts of many with its pleasant atmosphere and quality of service. You can enjoy eating delicious beefsteak as well at El Toro. Check out T-bone steak, Risotto, Pasta, Salads and delicious Desserts. Wine goes well with the steak, so feel free to choose any from the long wine list.

Steakhouse El Toro features summer and winter gardens with mobile roofs. Walls that can be shifted and opened and two large halls for their guests. At any point, you can see what is happening in the kitchen right from your seat. Be sure that all hygienic measures have been taken while staff is preparing food. Managment and staff are highly professional.  Quality service, tasteful meals and the best wines is what you will get once you step into Steakhouse El Toro. 

There is public parking just in front of a restaurant. El Toro become the business meeting point among the people that work in the downtown. Prices are alright not to expensive for the quality you are getting. It dosent get crowded on weekends as much as other restaurants in Belgrade. Busy hours are actually at the lunch time during the working week days.

Beside the Nightlife, Belgrade has to offer much more. It become the hot spot for digital nomads. As Nomads often dislike eating the meat Belgrade restaurant and food entrepreneurs offer plant based food as well.  If you are in Belgrade and you are not into meat dont worry. Belgrade has few pretty awesome Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants. One of the most famous ones and our personally best choice would be Radost Fina Kuhinjica.


Address: Masarikova 5

Working hours: 10:00 – 24:00


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