Restaurant Trpeza is located near Saint Sava Cathedral, in the arboretum of Karadjordje’s Park. You shouldn’t be tricked by the luxurious and modern interior of the restaurant. This is the restaurant of the 21st century, but one that offers great selection of traditional Serbian courses available only here. Restaurant Trpeza is known also for its unusual courses, like turkey fillet with the dressing of truffle and boletus, duck breasts in the sauce of orange, steak in the sauce of chocolate and berries.
From the lavish offering, we single out the famous steak Trpeza. Those are the steak chops with aromatized herbs and slices of mozzarella, fried on butter and with grilled vegetables.
What we liked the most was chicken in honey. The recipe dates back to 1351, when this dish was served at the court of Emperor Dusan.

Wine card of the restaurant hides numerous surprises.

Address: Nebojšina 6

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