Zlatni bokal

Skadarska street or, as it is known colloquially – Skadarlija, is a bohemian quarter in the heart of Belgrade. Restaurant Zlatni Bokal, allocated in this cobbled street are restaurants, art galleries and antique shops that even today preserve the spirit of the old Belgrade.

Long ago, in 1963, restaurant Zlatni Bokal was opened here, right on the spot where up until then there was a beverage cellar, which was selling world class wine from the barrels and cut roasting. Today, this restaurant represents one of the symbols of Skadarlija and Serbian bohemian life. The spirit of old downtown is mostly resembled in the inn’s interior with a low ceiling and traditional windows decorated with petite curtains and flowers in the door-frames. The walls of Zlatni Bokal are covered with numerous paintings and graphics with motifs of the capital, while the nostalgic ambience is strengthened with a bass and harmonica from the corner.
Though the restaurant Zlatni Bokal officially follows international cuisine, all traditional Serbian courses are also on the menu.
Music is live, “Old Town” and Folk, but, depending on the wishes of guests; anything can be played, even pop and rock.

Address: Skadarska 26

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