Saturday Night Warm Up at Galerija STAB

Saturday Night warm up at Galerija STAB

Visiting Belgrade this weekend, one thing you may need to know is that night clubs in Belgrade do not open till midnight,so this Saturday night if you are looking for a funky cool place to have some warm up drinks with your friends before you hit the Belgrade clubs, we have the perfect venue for you.

Tucked away under the very famous Brankov bridge you will find Belgrade’s Galerija Stab.

This place is full of some of Belgrade’s coolest crowds and has a very chilled out atmosphere, Galerija Stab is a famous art Gallery in Belgrade that becomes a hip place to hang out on Saturday nights.

It plays the best hits of the 80’s and its all about love, peace, happiness and taking you back to the good times, its a no fuss and has a completely relaxed feel, you don’t need to make any reservations just grab your friends and come down for a drink, doors open at 22:00.







Galerija 1