A little bit of history of Savamala

Savamala is a district of Belgrade, and it is located in the shadows of Branko’s Bridge  on the right bank of the Sava river. After that river, Savamala  got its name. The second part of the name comes from the Turkish word mahala, which means neighborhood. First   inhabitants were settled in the early 18th century, during the Austrian occupation of the northern Serbia 1717-39, when Austrians moved Christian population out of the Belgrade Fortress.  The main street of Savamala district is Karadjordjeva street and was named after leader of the First Serbian Uprising (Karadjordje Petrovic).
In 1833 the Serbian government finally gets (internal) self-government in Belgrade. After that,  Prince Milos Obrenovic decided to build in this area a modern city modeled by the architecture of European cities such as Vienna or Budapest . Then, Savamala was inhabited by merchants and craftsmen, and it becomes the main shopping center and an elite part of the city. Buildings that are  sprouted on the foundations of dilapidated homes today have great historical, cultural and artistic significance. The most important of them is the former building of the Belgrade Cooperative. It was built in a modern construction process, with beautiful facade edited in the artificial stone. After World War II, changed many uses and users, and the longest was a building of  Geozavod, and today, still is. It is considered as one of the the most beautiful building in Belgrade.


History of Savamala

Old picture of Savamala


Now, speaking of modern history, we need to mention significance of Mixer House. Pillar of modern Savamala, creative industry center, meeting place for designers, musicians, dreamers of a better and more beautiful Belgrade. Presented a new concept of  institution, which connects cultural, educational, and commercial activities in a multifunctional space originating in the creative transformation of an old city warehouse. Unfortunately, due to economical reasons, in 2017., all this concept left Savamala for good.


Savamala Mikser House

former Mikser House

Today, modern Savamala district  is bounded by the steeets: Brankova, Kraljice Natalije, Dobrinjska, Admirala Geprata, Balkanska, Hajduk Veljkov venac, Sarajevska, Vojvode Milenka, Savska, Karađorđeva, Zemunski put and the Branko’s bridge.


Did you know? 


Below Karadjordjeva street there is a web of underground passages that have not been adequately investigated. Digging around 13 tunnels started by the Austrians in the 18th century and continued into the 19th century. Those are an artificial caves that were used as warehouses and “fridges” of the time. Due to the proximity of harbors and river views, underground passages at the Sava slope were ideal for storing goods, because in them the temperature was low and stable during all seasons. Small towers in Kosancicev venac street are not  remains of underground nor or fortresses, nor loopholes that many Belgradians think. These are, in fact, air vents that led the air about twenty feet in depth.

Famous beauties of Belgrade architecture from the beginning of the last century – Geozavod, hotel Bristol and Vučina house, in the market where once stood a small market, recently joined the mixer house. Modern edifice conceived as a future center of creative industries center, meeting place for designers, musicians, dreamers of a better and more beautiful Belgrade. It is design-shop where visitors can purchase products 60 designers from the Balkans.


Today’s Savamala

Modern Savamala is still a place totally different than other parts of Belgrade. Although, during the recent history, Savamala becomes partly mainstream place, but still, it is best known as an art colony and hipster like place to be. You can find fusion of urban and underground in one district. Like for example, Ben Akiba comedy bar. Opening and raising this club was a great challenge, because it is conceived as a combination of night life, stand up comedy, concerts, DJ sessions and exhibitions. Unique interior is something that will leave you breathless, and special energy is a trademark of this lovely place.


Ben Akiba bar Savamala

Unique interior of Ben Akiba bar


The places which “survived” mainstream transformation are Jazz bastica (If you’re into contemporary jazz, note this place down. This place features, irregularly designed interiors, a friendly atmosphere and lots of creative vibe. You will find nice crowd of Belgrade enjoying their time over there. Corba Caffe (A unique place in town, you’ll find it under Branko’s Bridge in the heart of old town in Belgrade. Legend of Serbian rock music, Bora Djordjevic opened this unique place at the end of 2008. Corba Caffe will provide you with a good party time, KC Grad and Galerija Stab, are still favorite places of Belgradians, and those two places are highly recommended. Galerija Stab few times a month organize exhibitions of a famous local artists. Kc Grad is the brightest venue in Belgrade, it does gather the most interesting and creative crowd out there.

Most popular and trendy places in this area are definitely bars Gvozdjara, Tranzit and Ludost. In the drink list of Gvozdjara you will find best unpasteurized, draft Czech beers. And about 40 bottled beers from Germany, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and USA. Tranzit ( bar-restaurant and a meeting place of people of different orientations and interests. With the modern interior design, in correlation with the inevitable “vintage” style, gives us a unique experience of ambient). Tranzit is famous for its garden during the hot summers days. This place is visited by local celebrities and good looking girls. Ludost is the cool funky bar, they play either techno or the music of the 80s. This place is not that big, but it could be the right starting point of your night. Each of this places is unique and different. During the week they have live performances, DJ sets and interesting events. For more info and FREE reservations contact us on +38162337700.

Savamala is also known as a place of hip and trendy restaurants as well, but one place is unique  – restaurant Gnezdo Organic, one of the best and most popular restaurants in the city. This is not just a place to grab a bite, difference is in  preparing and serving food and beverages made from organic groceries. Gnezdo is a concept that combines healthy ways of thinking and modern lifestyles. A group of friends (owners of this lovely place) who grew up on a country side decided to bring the best to the city,  to bring the spirit of ancient times and to promote it in the right way , to remember what we have  forgotten: that Serbia have an unique climate with the healthiest food. In this way all  the guests of Gnezdo will be able not only to taste  delicious food but they will  also have  the possibility of organizing and participating in  food making regarding to improve health and promote organic farming.

Savamala is fantastic. Make some time and pay a visit. Would be more fun if you find some local friends and get with them into the area. They would know where to go and what to do. If that is not a case you can reach us. We will share the hot spots ans secrets of Savamala with you and your homies. Bring a smile and share a good vibe while in Belgrade.


Which are your favorite places in Savamala? Share your thoughts with us! If you need an info about where to go and what to do in Belgrade just get in touch with us.