Second hand shops in Belgrade

Culture of purchasing at Second Hand Shops in Belgrade came later into play. It all started when Locals who lived abroad and Expats decided to gather a huge collection of unused wasted cloth. Then the first shop has arisen with Vintage and Modern Second hand offers. Later this Culture spread around. Quality of goods in Belgrade Shops are pretty good. Some pieces weren’t worn ever before. Bargain about price at some places is a common thing. We encourage you to take a walk and visit some of Second hand shops in Belgrade.


Vintage shops VS Second Hand


Dont get confused. Here is an easy explanation.Vintage Shops is were you going to find pieces dating back from the 19 and 20th Century. Second Hand clothes is defined as modern used clothes.




You can easily spend hours in this shop and it will not be enough. Numerous vintage collections from clothing to toys. Watches to cameras. You can tell that owners of Smizla love what they do. No doubt that you will get unique souvenirs at this place. Shop is cozy and lovely. For Yugo Nostalgic you can get the most Unique present. A Real Yugoslavian passport. You will find old inflated Serbian money. Vintage clothing, old documents, postcards, posters, sunglasses and vinyl record. Prices are OK, not cheep and not expensive. Check them out on Fb and Instagram.



Such a Tavan


Stylish with a prime eyes for Design. This place is great when you are seeking for a piece of art for yourself. Really responsive and sweet employees. Place is highly recommended and exceptional. More about them on Fb.



Vintage shop Jane Doe 


These guys are awesome. Team up with them and you will discover Belgrade at the best way out there. They run this place very well. They have managed to bring Special Charm to Belgrade. You will find a perfect present over there. Its a unique and memorable place. Owners of this place knows the importance of good fabrics.

This place is among the first second hand shops in Belgrade. You can find them at the several locations. In the 2012 they expanded their shop and welcomed a young and established designers. In August 2016 they have opened another store at the same address named Jane Doe DESIGN STORE where customers could find handmade items by Serbian designers.

You can get clothing, accessories, hats, belts and even home decorations. They do amazing work in promoting creative work. Check them out on Fb.



Second hand shops in Belgrade

Take a walk from Knez Mihailova street and visit the Unique Jane Doe.




Lilatex is absolutely different than Jane Doe. Whats different is style of cloth they offer. Top Quality with a good offer. You can find good deals over at Lilatex. The goods are ironed and clean and the ambiance beautiful. Check them out.




4 Witches

This is the first online second hand shop in Serbia. In their online store you can find exclusive branded clothes and garments of the world’s most famous brands. Their offer includes used and unused clothes from Switzerland and Germany. Motto is to sell the highest quality products available for affordable prices. If you are a fan of buying in person you will find a range of products at their shop at Ace Joksimovica street No. 24. Check more about 4 Witches on their Fb.


Second Hand Belgrade

4 Witches is among the most Unconventional Second hand shops in Belgrade.




In an antique store Krpica you will find alot of things. Paintings, vintage clothes, shoes, handbags, decorative lamps and chandeliers, vases, art and utilitarian objects, porcelain and pottery figures by popular manufacturers, collector items and pieces of furniture. An ideal place to buy gifts! Prices are adjusted for everyone’s pocket.



Flea markets in Belgrade


What is a Flea Market? Flea Market is mostly considered as Open Air market that offers secondhand articles and antiques. You will face yourself with individual vendors that sells anything from vintage photos, furniture to whatever you might or might not think that Exists.

There are several flea markets in Belgrade. The most Bizarre place would definitely be Buvljak. This place for Western people is an adventure for it self.


One of the Biggest and most Bizarre flea markets in Belgrade. You will find anything from a “ needle to a train “.  There is a organised Buvljak and Unorganised. The Unorganised is also called Half Market and Half Parking. They also called it Wild Market. For an Experience of your life time visit Unorganised area. Learn some Serbian words before that. You will be surprised what you can buy for as little as 10 euros.


Bubanj Potok


This place seems to be popular among locals and foreigners. Prices of antiques tend to be much cheaper compared to Western Europe. You can find second hand clothes and lots of other stuff. Good to know: On Sundays car market takes place at the same location.

5 Absolute reasons to buy Second Hand in Belgrade


Saving money


Get a High Quality products for a better price. The most obvious and well-known benefits of buying secondhand is the cost savings. You can often find secondhand goods up to 80% cheaper than you could if you were buying new. When you consider that Americans spend over a trillion dollars annually on nonessential goods those savings can add up.


Reduce the demand


Reduce the demand on a Global Scale. Big Gamers make so much to sate a hungry market. If demand is reduced then their activities will reduce that will contribute against the pollution and the degradation of our planet environment.



Waste Prevention

There is a huge amounts of waste that clothing industry creates. From supply chain till the end of clothing life where it is very often thrown away in any area out there.

Extend the life of an Item


Whether you get an item to use it to donate or to gift someone you are making it useful.

Support a GOOD Cause


To make sure that your purchase is going to good causes do some little research. In a store ask do they do charity affiliations. Do they support Charity in one way or another. You will feel well for doing something good for community.



Good to know:


Second hand shops in Belgrade as well as Vintage Belgrade are equally important for the city style. Odd, Strange and Eccentric. If you attending wedding in Belgrade you might need a cool suit or a dress? Check out rent a suit deals in Belgrade.

Enjoy your stay and have fun.