Secret about Belgrade

Our history is one of the oldest and one of the most interesting in the world, and during all this time there are many unsolved moments. Mysteries and secrets are always interesting, and we did a mini research for today’s topic. On this day, we will cover the top 5 Secret about Belgrade.

1# Secret of Tasmajdan

The mystery is based on that Tasmajdan (Municipality of Belgrade) is the place were relics of  first Serbian Archbishop and educator, Saint Sava were burn. Apparently this historical mystery is caused by terminological confusion over the issue of where in the 16th century was Vracar (also municipality of Belgrade, where was originally thought where that happened), but still causes controversy. Assumptions and evidence for this theory are many. Mystery still remains unsolved.

Top 5 mysteries of Belgrade


2# The Secret of the oldest house

The oldest house is a place around which today weave different stories. The house was built from 1724 to 1727 according to designs by the Swiss builders Nicole Doxatta  but unfortunate builder was later executed by the Austrian authorities for what they said  was treason. Otherwise, it is rumored that the Swiss was killed not to reveal secret passages that were located under the house and lead who knows where.

The mystery even today intrigues Belgraders. However, during World War II Germans were at one time on a daily basis in the house, searching and digging for something. There were rumors of many things, and all versions have been related to some kind of treasure. Apparently, there was  hidden treasure that the Germans transported to Berlin, but for what they were really looking for, possibly we will never find out.

3# Disappearance of the city Zrnov

Below  today’s Belgrade there are several settlements, some of them dating from the Neolithic period. For example, under the settlement Banjica is true Neolithic town, Vinca, and it is one of the most enduring settlement in the territory of Europe.

But if we exclude Kalemegdan which is the biggest mystery of this city, a city which is under the veil of secrecy is a medieval castle-fortress Žrnov (or Žrnovan) towards the place where today is settled the monument to the Unknown Soldier at the top of Avala. Real mistery is what happened? Thus, it is unclear why this medieval fortress, which had its golden age in the era of despotism,  was brutally destroyed in 1934 by Serbian king Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.

Secret about Belgrade - Belgrade at night

Fortress Zrnovo

4# Kalemegdan

The biggest mystery is hidden under and at Kalemegdan. Belgrade Fortress covers two thousand years of history, which, unfortunately,  will not be able to be explored fully because it is beneath this city. Many mysteries, legends and facts are written in the walls of this remarkable place, and some of the biggest are definitely about  Nebojsa tower and Roman well. Nebojsa tower is the only surviving mediaeval tower of the Belgrade Fortress. The name, Nebojsa, means fearless in Serbian. Tower was built in the early 15th century, during the reign of despot Stefan Lazarevic. It was build as a part of the defense system which was protecting Belgrade from the Ottoman invasion after the Siege of Belgrade in 1456. The well was built in the period from 1717 to 1731, during the Austrian Baroque reconstruction of the fortress. This building is designated and called “The Large Well”.  Name “Roman well” was first recorded in the nineteenth century, and was based on folk tales about all  old buildings, whose origins are forgotten, often were attributed to the Romans.

Secret about Belgrade - Belgrade at night

Kalamegdan Fortress Belgrade

5#Belgrade underground passages

Probably the most intriguing are underground passages and also the most mysterious phenomena in Belgrade. Believe it or not under the Serbian capital there are dozens kilometers of dungeons, caves, underground passages and hallways.
Part of the mystery of the underground chambers is that they are largely unexplored, and reasonably assumed that there are many more. On the other hand, the purpose of some of them was never fully revealed, and many Belgradians really don’t know what is below…

Secret about Belgrade - Belgrade at night

Belgrade uderground