Serbian Diaspora

Serbia is among a few countries at the world where its roughly half of its population lives in a foreign country’s. At the last 100 years’ biggest migrations of Serbs has been happened at the 4 stages.

First one was at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Century. Due the poverty and lack of food supply’s, Serbians migrated over the Economical reasons.

During the II World War, there was a second huge movement in the recent history. Anti Communist Members left County from 1941 – 1947.
Back then Serbians were divided into Partisans and Cetniks. Which I personally think that kind of separation still exists in the World Wide community of Serbians.

Third migration or better to say immigration is famous for massive labor migration. Due the lack of work, looking for a better life, Serbian people left in the huge numbers between the 1960s-1980s.

Forth and the most recent migration has happened at the 1990s with the beginning of the Yugoslav wars.
Huge number of highly educated people has fled and left Serbia for good. Serbia has lost most of its academic society. Many consider this as the biggest lost of the Serbia, its 90s wall of the sadness.

Serbia has roughly 5 million people living in Serbia and around 5 millions living abroad. Those who left, has no realistic plans to return. Their life’s now belong to some other society, but their heart and mind still belongs back where they came from.


Yugoslav President Tito

Yugoslav President Tito


Serbs in Diaspora


Serbs in Diaspora has been divided on those who are Nationalist and  those who are Yugo-Nostalgic. The third group of Serbians abroad are Traditionalist and they represent some kind of mix of this first two groups. Symbols at the Serbian flag call for Unity of all groups, to stay together. Samo Sloga Srbina Spašava, refers to the call, that Only harmony saves the Serbs. Traditionalist and “Big Serbians “or Nationalist are alike when it comes to trust into Serbian Church and Preparing “Slava “. Slava is a Serbian Religious family annual gathering. Traditionalist are way more less emotional or better to say they express less feelings when it comes to the subject of braking up of Yugoslavia.

Yugo-nostalgic are those who believed in unity of Serbians, Croatians, Slovenians, Montenegrins and Macedonians.
Yugo-nostalgic are heart broken of braking up the Yugoslavia while Big Serbs have been welcoming this event. Traditionalist are divided at this matter. Yugo-Nostalgic are mostly peaceful and anti war oriented Serbs, Croats and other Yugoslavs.

For Yugo-Nostalgic war and separation of Yugoslavia has been the worst thing that could ever happen. They believe that life under Tito (leader of Yugoslavia) wasn’t perfect and that there were things that had been done wrong, but on the other hand they do believe that country was well respected world wide. They believe that free health care and free University education system had been working well in the Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia with its all pros and cons, when its comes to the nationalism, had been ultra anti nationalist country. Something alike USA way before the Trump politic.




Tito ( Communist Leader / Anti Nationalist  ) Vs Draža ( Extreme Nationalist )


  Good to know about Serbian Diaspora


Serbian Diaspora Traditionalist and Nationalist enjoy in the Serbian music from the 90s onwards. While Yugoslavians, love the music of mix Yugoslav nations just before 90s. The 1990 is the year when nationalist took over the full power of the ALL Yugoslav states.

Its hard to say are there more Nationalist and Traditionalist or Yugo-Nostalgic among the Serbian Diaspora. No one ever done research, and probable never will. Yugo-Nostalgic dreams about Yugoslavia and Serbia in Yugoslavia before the 90s. Nationalist are feeling nostalgic about the Historical medieval Big Serbia period under the Prince Lazar back in the 14th Century. Unity of Yugo-Nostalgic ( Anti Nationalist ) and Nationalist will never happen. As well as unity of Neo Liberals and Tramp Supports will never happen in USA, or unity between Putin and Anti Putin Supporters in Russia.


Good to know the facts about Economy back in the Yugoslavia days


Yugoslavia had a huge EXPORT, country have been producing almost anything that could be produced. Yugoslavia was estimated to be among the 5 most powerful Economy and Military in the Europe.

Since its separation till today, there is a huge propaganda against Yugoslavian Ideology in the all Ex Yugoslav countries. Kids in schools are thought in the favour of nationalism against the idea of Yugoslavian Brotherhood. Press, Religion, Medias and Journalist very often talk in the negative context. Back then and as well as nowadays, Western world as well as Russia have never been supporters of Yugoslavia. For Westerners Yugoslavia was always a strong and powerful country that in some point might join forces with a Russia ( back then SSSR ). For SSSR or Russians on the other hand, Yugoslavia was the rebel that never wanted to join the Union with Russians. Yugoslav foreign politics has been neutral in the cold war between USA and SSSR.

As Tito said NO to the union with strong Communist Russia.
There were several attempts of Russian trying to Kill Yugoslav president Tito. There are quite a few articles about how Stalin tried  to Kill Yugoslav president Tito.

Anti Yugoslavs have many reasons to dislike Tito and his ruling over Yugoslavia, but, brotherhood, respect from the entire world, power of the army, free health care, free education and strong economy are not one of them.


Josip Broz Tito

Soviet agents planned to assassinate former Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito



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