Serbian New Year’s Eve

Serbian New Year’s Eve

Tomorrow isĀ Serbian New Year’s Eve, also known as Orthodox New Year, and there are going to be best happenings and events all around the city. Most parties are going to start earlier than usual, around 10 -10:30 pm (usually everything starts around midnight). Share experience of our most famous event of the year.

Club Tilt prepared awesome party – event under the masks! DJ’s Nemanja and Rosske prepared best set of house, electro and r’n’b hits of all time! Experience real VIP treatment on this special date. Make the best of Friday the 13th – grab your mask, dress up, order the champagne and wait for midnight to wish all the best to people that mean to you. Be at club Tilt, one of the best clubs in Belgrade. See you tomorrow, happy New Year!

Serbian New Year’s Eve


Unique venue


People are always having a good time at Tilt


Atmosphere at Tilt club