Serbian Unique Traditions

City of Belgrade, or BGD for short, receives 2 million tourists per year. Tourists from all over the Europe come to see the most popular Nightlife destinations out there. Splavs or Belgrade Summer Nightclubs on the river, dancing till the early morning hours, Climbing on the tables, Kafanas and Beauty of the Belgrade girls. Those are the most common reasons why people buy a ticket and land on the Nikola Tesla International Airport Belgrade. Get to know the country and a city trough the Serbian Unique Traditions.  But outside of the touristy things that tourists come to see, there is a fun and unique side to Belgrade. If you are looking to take a break of your life! To see and do some Fun and weird things then check out our recommendations.


Here are the top 10 fun Serbian Unique Traditions


Coffee while hanging at the street


Przionica place at Dorcol area. Hipster Heaven indeed. People chill at the street having a good coffee. Dj is doing his thing. Pretty cool place to spend Sunday mornings.


Cool spot at theBelgrade Dorcol Area

Cool spot at theBelgrade Dorcol Area




Highly addictive food


Burek. Sounds weird to write about food. But Burek sa sirom is an experience! Trpkovic Bakery, stay in the queue its worth it.  Burek sa Sirom on Serbian means Burek with cheese. Make double check its white cheese. Get yourself a local yogurt as well.




So much stories on the Belgrade Walls


Whole Belgrade is covered at the emotions that are spread out trough Graffiti’s and Murals. Discover the street ART of Belgrade. Take a professional tour with Still in Belgrade company. They will show you all the interesting places and you will hear some underground stories. With them you will have an epic time. They are super cool girls that know Alternative Belgrade better then anyone out there.

Serbian Unique Traditions

Serbian Unique Traditions



Get yourself Belgrade Buddy’s


Go to the Knez Mihailova Street, and Go chat with people you want to meet. Just start the conversation and see what will happen. Most of the young people speak English. Make sure to be dresses nicely while you go around Belgrade. Don’t be to forward, be honest and ask to join some event. Let us know your story afterword’s.



Go for the ride around the Geto

Rent A super nice car and put your favorite song on. Put cool Sunnys and go for a ride. Drive trough the Dorcol, Downtown and check Belgrade Waterfront. Go to see some areas kind of Geto places. Don’t worry you will be safe.



Partizan VS Zvezda


Partizan VS Zvezda Soccer Game. Try to get there with some of your local Belgrade people. Go to the East or West side. If you are looking for weird and fun times then go to the South Or North. Before you seriously consider doing it check out bit on YouTube how it looks like. Good luck! J


Get on the table


In some of the Belgrade Clubs you will be allowed to climb on the table and sofa. Make sure with waiter at the club are you allowed before you do so.



Weddings. Serbian Unique Traditions


Weddings in Belgrade Serbia will be either Traditional ( once you will find Fun and Weird ) and Modern. Difference is huge! Modern ones are done more as an EVENT. There are friends and family and there is no Church involved. There is a traditional wedding that includes visiting Church of Corse but in some cases includes shooting from the fire weapons in the air. By the law its illegal but still some people are still forcing that tradition. Some of the families use Bullets that are Blank. Some others use real Bullets and it can be really dangerous! Blanks are mainly used to simulate the firing of a weapon with all the sound and cycling of the action without a deadly projectile coming out of the weapon’s barrel.



Serbian Unique Traditions

Serbian Unique Traditions





Attend Slava with your local friends. Make sure to youtube the procedure. Slava is a religious family Holliday in Serbia. Congratulation if you make trough the night. There will be much local Rakia alcohol included. Trick is to drink a lot of water to survive the night an day or even a week after.



Serbian Unique Traditions

Serbian Unique Traditions



Baby’s birth in Serbia! Rip em UP!



One of the hardest to explain among the Serbian Unique Traditions! Babys birth in Serbia carry the event where Father Shirt will be ripped by friends who attend the baby’s birth celebration. Serbian Unique Tradition is to rip off a piece of the new father’s shirt when greeting him.  Its pretty much violent since its not that easy to rip a shirt that is made from thousands of stitches.  After a piece of a shirt is torn off it is wrapped around a wrist as a souvenir and a token of good luck! Ofcorse during this event there is alot of Rakija going on.



So what do you think about Serbian Unique traditions?