Shake the rain at club Shake ‘n’ Shake

Shake the rain at club Shake ‘n’ Shake

Rainy days can be really bad… Not an option for Belgrade nightlife of course!  Join us and Shake the Nineties – Dj Playa & Dj Cholack are playing best track of the 90’s  world wide – so shake the rain, shake the cold with best shakers you could imagine!

Shake ‘n’ Shake is one of the most popular club in Belgrade, situated at the riverbank of river Sava – represents beautiful oasis during the day- as night starts to fall, atmosphere is getting warmer and the party begins- shake till morning lights. 🙂 Don’t be sad because of the rain, you don’t need to be, rain doesn’t change anything! Be on the guest list for one of the most popular parties in Belgrade! Don’t be only one who is missing!


Shake at Club Shake ‘n’ Shake

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Reservations are valid till midnight. Reservations are required so get your name on the guest list. Contact us for a free reservation, or you can party like a rock star with our Belgrade at Night team VIP style, using our nightclub service. Drop us a e-mail or just give us a call, SMS, or whatsapp us on +381 62 33 77 00.