Shake your summer

If you are ready for summer, you are ready for Shake ‘n’ Shake beach bar! At the confluence of Danube and Sava this is a perfect oasis for everyone! Here you can enjoy during the day, and have crazy nights, when sun goes down.


Taste some of the best and refreshing shakes while lying on easy chair made out of reed and enjoying amazing and relaxing day in the most beautiful part of the Belgrade. Altought the days at Shake ‘n’ Shake are peaceful, after the sunset atmosphere starts to warm up. Extremly good energy contributed by top DJs or bands that perform here will set you in the right mood. Flirt with beautiful girls and boys, or have a drink or two more than you can handle – no one will critizise or give you unpleasant eye contact.

Shake 'n' Shake2

Capacity is maximum 500 people. It starts to get crowded at 00:00 and works till 4 am. The clubs has 12 VIP tables (optimum 5-7 people / maximum 10 people) and 30 bar tables (4 – 6 persons).


is imagine as a day for chill and lounge. You can relax and make plans for another six days.

is time for people who work. After work party starts from 17. Cocktails, food and music are enough reason to enjoy in hot days.

is reserved for people who love RnB rhythm. DJ Architect is resident.

are for those who like to shake in 90’s rhythm. Mad times, but good beat are expected by Dj Playa & Dj Cholack.

is known as day to shake mind, and reset soul. It’s house music with DJ Oysha and DJ Marcco Oxiduality. Favorite day in the week for many people,

is time for palooza – crazy party like there is no tomorrow! DJ Nikola and DJ Yabba are on the mix! Sunday is famous for daily party from 17 – just
enough time for you to get rest from Saturday.

This bar is ideal for chilling out, hanging with friends or reading a great book during days, or for great and exciting experience on nights – Shake ‘n’Shake is a raft that must be visited!

Shake 'n' Shake1