Shopping in Belgrade

There are more then 1000 stores in Belgrade and more then 200 brands of cloth. There are many interesting local and many attractive foreign brands. You can find alternative stile of brands, everything you need for good techno party in Belgrade. On the another hand you can find high end brands as Dolce & Gabbana, Moscino, Gucci, CK, Fendi and so on.

Most luxury malls are  Rajiceva Mall and the Usce Sopping Mall. Like in any other malls, you will find anything u need and that you don’t need. Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Cinema, Place for kids to play, Banks, Exchange offices, places to buy some of the cool Belgrade souvenirs.

There are plenty of parking space and taxi station outside of the malls. Be aware to catch the right ride, there are some illegal taxis in Belgrade that are pain in our society.

Buy from The Locals

Local clothing brands are really interesting and most of them you will find in Cumicevo Sokace Mall. That mall was almost completely abounded, and un popular, till local Belgrade designers and entrepreneurs hasn’t find it and invest their creativity and love, and made creative point.

You can find pieces of Cloth for reasonable price, and some that are bit more expensive, at least for our taste.

Winter and Summer Shopping

Winter starts from October and last till late March. In the late September and early October, you will find Summer Sales all over the Belgrade. Same when it comes to the end of the Winters. From The late February you will find spring editions, and start of the sales in Belgrade Shopping malls and stores.

Important to Know

There are fake things on streets, not in Malls. Fake cloth are most likely copy of the famous high end brands. Recently on street market there were bunch of fake Nike sneakers. Like in any other city in Europe price will tell you who is real and who is a fake seller.

Best Shopping in Belgrade

Belgrade has several different shopping districts that will meet all your needs. There is something for everybody; there is “peace“ for everyone’s pocket and taste. To save you time we have created this brief “Shopping in Belgrade“ guide so that you can find exactly what are you looking for.

There are several areas for the best shopping in Belgrade (not only malls and shopping centers) where you can find everything you need:


Belgrade Shopping


Shopping in Belgrade

Knez Mihailova


Knez Mihajlova is definitely a very trendy and popular shopping district between May and October; this is because the weather is nice and warm. During this period streets are crowded with people, walking around, hanging out with friends, eating popcorn, or getting some delicious Belgrade ice cream. KnezMihajlova is a very long pedestrian street, one of the most famous and oldest streets in Belgrade. You can find many amazing stores including, Zara, Lewis, Diesel, Terranova and many high-end fashion stores such as Cavalli, Armani, Cesare Paciotti and Iceberg.


Shopping in Belgrade

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra


Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra is another popular outdoor shopping area in Belgrade, and is also popular during the summer time. This street, is the longest street in Belgrade, it is actually a boulevard. At Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra you will find a lot of brands and products from Turkey and China, so if you are looking for high-end stores, this is not the place for you.This shopping street will not only offer you great clothing stores with really good prices but you will find many good-looking girls shopping in the area.


Belgrade Shopping Center


There are several Belgrade Shopping Centers, but two of them are the most popular ones:


Shopping in Belgrade

Delta City


“Delta City” is a great shopping center in Belgrade. It is the biggest mall you can find here. The biggest difference between this mall and “Usce” is that “Delta City” does not have the high-end brands such as Cavalli, Armani, Iceberg, Hugo Boss, Gucci and Prada. If you are travelling with kids, don’t worry; this mall is full of different activities that will keep the kids entertained while you shop.


Shopping in Belgrade


If you are looking to explore the most popular shopping mall in Belgrade then “Usce“ is the place. This mall is the second biggest in town and it is located at the crossroads of New and Old City Belgrade. You will find the best fashion brands and stores here as well as many nice places to meet someone for a meeting, chat or just to hang out. There is also a lot for kids to do at “Usce“ so be sure to bring them along.


Malls in Belgrade

There are over 50 shopping malls in Belgrade, some are smaller some are bigger, but most of them are pretty great!


Shopping in Belgrade big fashion

Big Fashion


Big Fashion is located at Karaburma (municipality of Belgrade ) near city center. You can expect  more than 100 stores of worldwide and domestic famous brands on two levels. On the third floor is an oasis of gastronomy, relaxation and fun, with a great choice of restaurants, eight cinemas, children’s playground and a beautiful view of the Danube.


Shopping in Belgrade tc Rajiceva mall

TC Rajiceva


Rajiceva mall have 5 floors (the 5th floor is for children), it is definitely the most interesting one for tourists because of the location, at the main pedestrian zone in Belgrade, Knez Mihailova.  In addition to leading brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Scotch &  Soda, Lindex, Springfield, Levis, Huawei, Timberland, Pandora, Esprit, Carpisa, Extreme Intimo, Nine West, Yamamay and many others, some brands have appeared for the first time on the market within the Rajićeva Shopping Center.


Outlet in Belgrade


Shopping in Belgrade Fashion Park

Fashion Park


There are several outlet centers in Belgrade, but the main and the biggest one is in Indjija (small town located 58 kilometers from Belgrade).  Fashion Park  is the first Outlet Center of its kind in Serbia. You will find there a collection of world famous and popular brands  with  discounts from 30 to 70% . Fashion Park have carefully selected global and local brands. Have 65 shops that stretch along a visually interesting complex designed like a real small town.